Pacific City dory fishing Mar 2nd with Haystack fishing


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Fished with Haystack Fishing, for ling cod and bottom fish. We launched off the beach about 7:30 a.m. and headed west. We started fishing within 10 minutes or so of launching, and probably had the first fish on within 15 minutes of launching. It was very cold to start the day, but the sun quickly warmed things up. We caught our limits of ling cod, released several more, and caught several large black rock fish as well. Joe Hay runs Haystack Fishing, he has been fishing the area for several years, and made sure all clients were having a great time. We all caught several fish, and thoroughly enjoyed the fishing. Then we checked the crab pots Joe had set out, crabbing was a little slow, but we all took home some crab, a great bonus.Then back to Joe’s house, where he filleted our fish in expert fashion, and boiled the crab. His wife, Wendy, also assisted with the process, bringing us nicely bagged and labelled fillets to take home. The level of care Joe takes with the fish, from catching to filleting, to having them bagged and labelled is awesome! I would really recommend this trip for all anglers, it is a fun change of pace from launching at a boat dock, the beach scenery is beautiful. I intend to go out with Joe again, perhaps in May, to target halibut.



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My gal and I are definitely going to do a Beach Dory trip out of Pacific City this year. It is good to see a trip report on it. I also agree with Anatoliy. You've gotta include some fish porn with a successful trip report. Where are the pics man?


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Yeah or it didn't happen! LOL

But seriously...sounds like a great outing--and the guide services were outstanding. Kudos to you--for giving kudos to your guide (and his better half).


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Woww. Very nice. But you do realize that a delayed posting only after ribbing and cajoling is evidence and suspicion that you may have just copied and pasted a pic off off the internet? Haha ???