North Fork Sprague

I'll be headed this direction next weekend. Anybody have a report for the North Fork?

What about any other waters in this general area?

Man we went up there around the middle of June and that water was insanely high, couldn't even fish it. Would love a fishing report after you head there, that place looks promising when water levels are sufficient for fishing!

Good luck and tight line!
The water was nice but the fish were Jerks!!!

I'm not sure I know how to catch a fish on that side of the state.... There were lots of bugs on the water but hardly any top water action. I guess they were feeding on nymphs of some sort. I caught a few smaller fish with the biggest at 10 inches.

Spotted a LARGE redband from a road but couldn't get it to bite anything. We tossed 10+ different flies at it with a person guiding from above for the proper drift. The fish would swim up and look but then swim away :( 45 minutes... not a bite from it. It was over 16" easy.

Oh well. back to eastern Oregon..... where i know how to fish :p
That's too bad, but thanks for the report! Just out of curiosity, what part of the North did you go?

We wen't roughly around this area: 42.501371,-120.989106
we were all over the place :p
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