Night fishing in Fern Ridge

Thinking about taking the wife and kid night fishing at Fern Ridge tonight, anyone ever done this? What species of fish did you target? I was thinking to try using a worm and bobber until we can't see anymore, and then try letting the worm rest on the bottom and see if Bull Heads come pick it up. Any ideas if this will work?

I plan on fishing from an inflatable boat in the coyote creek area since that seems like it has a lot of cover for fish.

Appreciate any advice in advance :)
The only thing I've caught at night were bullheads. For the big bullheads I've had best luck w/ bacon. Have fun and don't get overwhelmed by not getting a chace to fish. Try to avoid rocky areas as the fish will bite and hide under rocks. They are near impossible to pull out. There are a lot of bullheads in the long tom after the damn. Walk down a ways and get ready to sort through the small ones for the lunkers. Bullheads in theory like muddy bottom w/out a lot of vegetation.

Good luck. Fern ridge has some really nice fish, you just have to find them.
leach laker
This is something I've planned for years and never done. If you do go, I would suggest having someone shuttle you; car break-ins are all too common all around Fern Ridge.

I don't know if you live in Lane County, but outside of town, police patrols are sparse. Also, there are restrictions about parking after dark in a lot of spots...especially Kirk Ponds.

If I'm going to be away from my car, I usually take my ol' beater pick up and leave it unlocked with a club on the steering wheel.

Haven't fished Coyote much. Caught a small bass from the bridge. Wife caught a nice Rapala from a tree!
fishing man
does it take a while to get a bite
fishing man said:
does it take a while to get a bite

Like all fishing, sometimes it's slow sometimes fishings good. The only way to know how the fishing's gonna be is to get out there and try it.
many a moons have i sat by the fern ditch and the long tom, of course "the champ of fern ridge" is right, beacon, or chicken livers but worms will get you fish all night as well, carp will bite as well so make sure you keep an eye on your rod. good luck, they should be feeding hard right now
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