My first silver salmon on a fly!


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Caught my first Coho Salmon on a fly rod, last week. In spite of tough conditions like very little water coming down the coastal rivers resulting in very few fish going up them, I still went 2/6 on salmon in half a days casting and stripping flies. No need to attribute that to luck, or to skills of my own. I was on a guided trip with On The Drop, Mr. Tanner Ketterling. Even though fish were so sparse hardly anyone was on the water, one cannot underestimate the magical power of flies tied by your guide for that species and specific location. My hats off to a great trip with Tanner, as always. He scratched out another win on a very unlikely day. You are the bomb, dude!


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Sorry I do not have pics of the fish to post. They were both wild fish, so we let them go as quickly and with as little handling as possible. Nice fish in the 8 pound range, though. Tanner sent me a great video clip of the fight, but I could not get it to upload here.


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Most excellent, something I have yet to try but would like to very much. And that Tanner dude...………….yeah he knows a thing or 2 about fishing ;)