Meldrum Bar spring chinook

There's a guy who said there's a lot of people catching springers at meldrum bar. is it true? I never went spring chinook fishing before so no idea. I didn't think they would be here already , seems little early. But if there here I want some. Any tips on what works ? Also What kind of weight do i need? and what setup you guys use. I heard people using kwikfish , I have some but no idea how to use them. Might go this saturday if there's fish.
They are being caught at Oregon city on the willy already.
What should i use? I don't know how to properly plunk. I only tried drift fishing,spinners,and bobber.
Spreader bar- 15" leader to weight off the bottom ( tough to say how much, 8+oz, for sure ) then a 24-30" leader to a 3/0 Owner needle point hook. Chartrueese spin glow, with a tiny bead on top of it. Almost done..... A nicely cured coon shrimp. Only cast about 15ft off the shore.... No more.... You have a chance at a early springer, early summer steelhead, and a Winter steelhead. Booooooom
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Wow. That needs to be a sticky.
Here is a diagram of a setup I have used.
Great info! Thanks!
fished meldrum past 4 weeks its been pretty slow, not much action exceot a few steelies and 1 springer
steelheader19 said:
fished meldrum past 4 weeks its been pretty slow, not much action exceot a few steelies and 1 springer

Thanks for the update. I've been considering a trip to either Meldrum, Prescott Beach or Willow Bar.
Okay I'm going to try it out , I have one rod without the hotshot and the other with hotshot. Also I have some old cured eggs in my fridge should I add them on the spin n glow? I have the light orange one and chanteuse/orange . Also How would you fish kwikfish on meldrum ? I see differen't people with different styles.
I'm going to try spin n glows tomorrow morning . Hopefully not a lot of rain. But I will put up a report.
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