Mckenzie still kicking out a few

k15 steelhead.jpgcorkie and yarn surprise.jpglate july mckenzie hen.jpg Was a pretty good day...a springer steelhead fishing a steelhead springer fishing and a springer springer fishing
springers and steel.jpg
The hens cut really well for this time of year plus 2 quarts of roe for fallies....:cool:
Nice weather... can't beat fishing in July. Nice catch!
Mad dog
Wow, that is a really nice summer! :dance:

Sounds like a fun day....still nice springers coming upriver! They came late this year! :cool:
Nice feeeshes...looks like this season has been good to you. Gotta love the nice meat and berries to boot(=
:clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you for sharing!!! At least someone is catching fish these days.
Nice fish! That leadhead looks bigger than the avg. Mckenzie cookie cutter. Season is just starting to get consistent
nice fishiz. those cuts look amazing! great pics
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