McKenzie river fishing methods

I'm going on vacation to a riverside cabin on the McKenzie River this summer, and I'm planning on getting quite a bit of fishing in. I'm going in July. What are the best methods for trout on the McKenzie?
Little 3 inch pink or red worms. It doesn't matter how you fish them trout will inhale them! You might even catch a steelhead. Good luck.
Good old nightcrawlers always do the trick. Little weight and a few inches of leader will do ya.
Thanks! I'll do that and try out some fly fishing also.
I've heard gillnets are quite effective on the McKenzie.

I know you have an aversion to reading the regs, sapo, but you might want to check on that one first.
Blue Ribbon River...

Blue Ribbon River...

I second the "checking the regs", this is something everyone should do... Don't count on hear say, OSP enforces the regs..
The river you are about to encounter is a Blue Ribbon Trout River and is full of Trophy fish...
Most local fishing places have great information, stop by and get to know them.. they are more than willing to share with a willing to learn angler. Not to mention they have the freshest bait and all the local flies and lures that are producing fish.. Enjoy your Summer, you should have a blast..

@DrTheopolis ok, yeah I'm going to start checking the regs more now sorry.
Just busting your chops, neighbor.
Just checked the regs for the McKenzie, the stretch I will be fishing is C&R only, restricted to artificial flies and lures. So, no worms.
I've caught them on orange, black, or pink rooster tails with a silver blade and black and yellow panther martins with a gold blade.
If it's fly and lure only, you should have fun using these.
Probably a stupid question but how do you fish rooster tails on a river? I have only had success on ponds and lakes.
Blackdiamond1983 said:
Probably a stupid question but how do you fish rooster tails on a river? I have only had success on ponds and lakes.
Find a likely spot, cast upstream, retrieve across the current and let the water carry the lure through the hot spot. The retrieve takes a small amount of practise but isn't too horrid.

River fishing is different than still water fishing though so you do need to learn to read the water a little differently.
Jdangler xD
Yep C&R artificials. Suprised it's not barbless lol. Anyways if
your tossing spinners in moving water rooster tails work okay but can have trouble spinning sometimes. I have more luck with blue foxes or Panther Martins, panthers spin with less effort I think and fish more effectively. Bud spinners too!
Ditch the rooster and tie on a small spoon like a Lil cleo or Thomas buoyant. Toss slightly upriver and let it settle down thumping along the bottom as it goes, then let it swing in towards shore.

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I have to agree with Jeanna. I have my best luck swinging a copper or brass colored Thomas. The trout love them and I've hooked a steelhead with the same lure. The half brass and half red Lil Cleo works pretty well also. Just remember, rubber is considered bait so no rubber worms, egg clusters or single eggs.
Fishing methods for McKenzie

if you plan to fly fish you can't go wrong with a soft hackle. I find swinging a hares ear soft hackle never let's me down on the McKenzie.

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