Lookout Point Res. 04-12-2010

So I got a chance to sit back and have someone else be the captain for a change. Brianb1962 took me out on his boat for a half day trip that ended up being a most the dayer trip. Awesome time out on the water. weather was mostly nice, it rained a bit, it shined a bit, it was calm a bit, it was windy a bit, and even a bit of thunder. water was like 47* at the dam and 43* at the upper end. Lake just keeps filling up. Noticed a new dock at the first boat ramp at the dam. WE SLAYED THEM TODAY. All the fish came on fenders and worms or thomas bouyants. Had a few shakers and lost another big one at the boat. Brian ended up with 4 on his stringer and I had 5. Not a bad day at all. Kiska enjoyed it as well. All I can say is there are hundreds of large fish kegged up at the dam. Seen one other boat from Idaho on the water. Thanks Brian for taking me out.
And one more picture.
Nice job guys! Looks like a killer day on the water.
looks like a great day bro...good to see ya on the water andy....thats one nasty cloud and one tired pup
nice job, the floor of the boat looks better with fish on it then all the mud my dog tracked in there during the cleean up...lol nice fish
Yea, it was a great day, we even got blood on the boat. I havent had a day like that for a long time. If it wasn't for the evening showers, we my have left the water after dark. Next time, I my try harder for those bigger ones that were showing on the fish finder. They were schooled up at the dam, lots of them. Thanks Andy for a good day of fishing.
Throbbit _Shane
Good job guys. those fish are nice!!!

:D :) :D :)
Thanks guys it was fun! And they tasted pretty good I'll post a pic of my feast later.
Nice job guys. Isn't it funny how the rain seems warmer when your catching fish?!:think:
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