Little Mirror Lake Fishing?

Matt G
The little jewel across from Mt. Hood. I hiked up there a couple times years ago, and just loved the place. But now that I'm getting into fly fishing I'm wondering about hauling the waders and fly rod up there sometime.

I don't see it listed anywhere in the State fishing regs, meaning there must be no special restrictions. But the Forest Service does list it as containing Brookies and Rainbows. :dance:

Any experience?
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Yes it's decent... just get your fishing in before all the kids show up to swim/camp.. they air stock it on odd years!

For the hike though, i'd go elsewhere imo..
Matt G
Thanks for the info. I didn't realize people camped up there. The trailhead is always jammed with cars on weekends, so if I go it'll probably be during the week.

Any other experiences?
Troutier Bassier
I might go there this weekend. Any advice? What fish are in there?
Last time I was there (oh, god, it's been a couple decades!), there were rainbows and crawdads. They responded to flies and spinners, so take your pick. Make sure you take adequate weather protection as that place can snag a cloud very quickly and leave you soaked to the skin without it ever raining.
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