Many firsts on this trip ......

So Waco & I went fishing this last Saturday, the 23rd. We had a BLAST!!! There were many firsts on this trip, some good, some great, some not so good. , hahahaha :lol:

He picked me up at 5am-ish. The weather was pretty nasty as we headed out. We took off to the coastal range to go after some nice cutties. It was pouring rain on the drive and made me really think that it wasn't going to be a good day of fishing. We got to my "secret stream" around 6am-ish and started hiking. We hiked about 3.5 - 4 miles before we hit the stream. While we hiked we basically got dumped on by the rain. Good thing we were prepared!! I had never fished it while it was raining so this was going to be a new experience for me.

We started fishing nymphs. It was some good water to fish nymphs on!! We were pulling at least one fish out of the good holes. I remember on one hole I think we pulled like 3 or 4 fish out!! It was a blast!!

Waco got really good at casting a nymph rig (strike indicator & double nymph setup). Not that he was bad to start with, but he got really good at casting good distances with the setup!! :clap:

We had some good times catching fish on nymphs. :dance:

A while later I decided to switch to a dry fly. The clouds dissipated the sun even poked it's head out for a while so I decided to go to my trusty red humpy with white post wings, size 6 or 8. Man that thing just slays them on this stream!! I love it!!!! :D

I was pulling out some nice fish on that fly. But it got so slimmed up and greased up after soo many fish that even with drying it and dressing it, it still wouldn't float. The cool thing was that even if it was drowned, I would strip it like a streamer a little and BAM fish on!!!! It worked a few times like that. It was a ton of fun!! Eventually I had to switch it up to a stimulator with rubber legs, which did just as fine!!

Eventually Waco switched it up to a dry fly too. There was a stretch of water where we didn't seem to get anything. It was like the bite turned off for some reason. Even tough the sun was out and shining on the water, the fish turned off fora while. Until we hit this one section of the stream and I told waco to cast his fly into a certain part. BAM fish strike, but no hook set. Cast again, BAM fish strike, but no hook set. I think that after like the 3 time, the hook got set. Then we started catch them left and right on the dry flies!! It was so much fun!! The fish were beautiful and really put up a nice fight!!

We eventually made it up to the bridge and hiked our way out. Man were we tired!! That last 1.5 miles seemed to take like forever to get out of the forest!! But eventually we made it out.

All in all, it was a great day!! A blast!!

There were a few first on this trip though.

-So Friday evening, I hurt my left knee. I couldn't put too much weight on it or it would give out. It felt better Saturday morning after getting some sleep. As we were hiking along, I slammed it into a rock and hurt it again. Then, at one point in the stream, I was trying to lower myself down into a deeper section. I was using my left knee to lower my right leg and body down. Well, my left knee gave out and my right foot slipped. I ended up falling backwards into the stream. I fell in over my waders and had to do the backstroke for a few moments until I was able to right myself and fight the current. Luckily I had a tight wading belt on and my waders where closed very tight at the top. So I didn't really get a lot of water in my waders. But my fleece jacket was soaked and my hat was too. It was a nice wake-up call!! hahahaha. I bet that Waco wanted to bust up laughing cause it looked so funny. I know I would have laughed!! hahahaha :lol: But he was nice and didn't. :D That was the first time I had fallen completely in to the water I was fishing. I mean I went in up to my mouth and nose!! :hahahahaah :lol:

-At one point I had cast into a nice pocket and a nice fish took my fly and broke me off. So I pulled out my box of dries and was trying to figure out what fly to use. I grabbed one and it slipped out of my hand and fell into the water. As I tried to grab it, I slipped and about 30 flies fell out of my box on into the stream. I was like a little grumpy old rich man ( I imagined Scrooge) trying to gather up all of my gold coins. I was scrambling trying to grab all of my floating flies before the current swept them away!! I think I lost like 5 of them but got the majority of them. Man that was a scary thing!! I just saw the $$$ floating down the river!!! hahahaha :lol: first tiem I dropped my flies in the water.

-We fished the stream in a rain/thunderstorm (even though there was no thunder or lighting) but the fishing was still good. I had never done that before and it really had me worried that we wouldn't be able to do it well. But we did fine. First time I fished during a rain storm.

-I think :)think:) this was the first time that Waco fished pocket water with dries. Once he figured out what to do and how, he was doing great!! One fish after another!! He learned that trout fishing is awesome!!

-At one point he was changing flies and set his box down. Once we got back to the cars, he realized that he had never picked it back up!!! :shock: So now he is going to "have" to go back there to get the box again. Ah shucks, I might just have to go back with him so that he doens't get lost ;) hehehehe

-On the drive home, we had a double rainbow. the first one was complete, from one end to the other. It was so vibrant and full of color!! It was a sight to behold!! :D

Well, that was it. I think it was a great trip and we really enjoyed the fishing.

I forgot my camera at home (actually, I couldn't find it. I think my kids hid it from me. :think:) but he took some nice pics of the trout and scenery. So he will have to post the pics when he gets a chance.

All in all, great trip!!

Thanks again Waco for joining me. Hopefully we can hit those waters again sometime soon. :)

Take care y'all and enjoy the water!!

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Awesome day for you both. Great report. Thanks for sharing!!!!
Ok here are the pics of this fun trip!!!! Thanks Spydey i learned a lot from you!!!! :clap:
we saw this guy having a yummy meal!!!
first fish of the trip goes to Andrew!!! Not a big one but he earned a burger with this fish!!!!
The hatch of the day!!!!!
Andrew second fish!!! ( i got the second fish of the trip but it got away before any pic taken!!)
my second fish!!! :yay: wow that's an ugly pic!!!!
Another fish!!!
Fighting a fish!!!
Landing the fish!!!
A good one!!!!
the little stream!!!
One more for Spydey!!!
A double rainbow on our way back!!!
I was the guy with the camera so i didn't get a lot of pics of my self i just wanted to send the fish back to the water!!!
waco said:
Ok here are the pics of this fun trip!!!! Thanks Spydey i learned a lot from you!!!! :clap:

I was the guy with the camera so i didn't get a lot of pics of my self i just wanted to send the fish back to the water!!!

Great pics there Waco!!! :clap:

Sorry I forgot my camera at home. I was pestering my wife at like 1am asking her where it was. That didn't go so well for me, hahahaha! :)

We will need to get out there and hit those waters again and hopefully get your box back!! :shock:


P.S. I forgot to mention one of the "firsts" that happened. At one point, Waco went to cast his nymph rig into a nice run. It was maybe about 12 - 15 feet wide so not too wide. He hit the other side and got the last nymph of the two caught on some roots. So he placed his rod down on the bank that I was on and waded down stream to go across and unhook his nymph. The craziest thing happened!!! Because his rod was on the ground on this side and the nymph was caught on the other side, his line was tight and the first nymph was just barely hanging out of the water. Well I guess that it looked to yummy for a fish caused this little guy jumped clean out of the water and grabbed the first fly dangling there!!! :shock: He hooked himself and just hung there halfway in the water until Waco could free the last nymph from the roots then I reeled the fish in on his rod!! Man it was a fight!!!! :hahahahahaha little guy must have been like 4 inches!!!!! :shock: (That is a bit of sarcasm there if you didn't catch it. ;))

P.P.S. I play a little game when I go fishing: first person to get a fish gets a $5 burger from the other person. First person that falls in gets a $5 burger from the other person. So I may have gotten the first fish and earned a $5 burger, but I fell in so I owe Waco a $5 burger. Hhahahahahahahaha. I guess that what goes around comes around, right. hahahaha :lol:
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Awesome sounding trip. Glad the weather broke some for you guys.
awesome!!! well done guys. sucks i decided to stay home!! haha
Nice guys. Too bad I was out of town. Andrew, my PM box is cleared now, thanks. I've got free time the next two weekends as well, though I think I'm going to target steelhead on one of them.
nice job waco and spydey,looks like a great day to be out
Great report. Sounds like you guys put up some mileage on that trip. I think if you spend enough time fishing, it's just a matter of time before you take the plunge.

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