Learning the rivers with a pontoon

I just purchased a pontoon and want to learn to float rivers with it, its a 9ft rouge that's rated for a class 2 rivers, I have been going out to small ponds and resivors to get more familiar with it but my plan is to be able to float down the willy from the dexter dam to jasper for steel head and trout fishing.
But until then I was wondering if any one would be willing to take me out and help show how to read a river and to manuver around on a river. I would defantly appercaite and help I can get I don't want to be that guy on the river who the dumb ass so I want to get as much knowlege and experience I can get. Thanks ahead for your help and looking forward to that float on the river:D
Best bet is to float it when the water is really high and fast so that way when the water is down you will know the river very well. just kiding man. If I had a toon i would go with ya but i don't but i am sure you will get some good advice on here. my advice is to respect the river and be cautious. good luck with your new toy.
There are a few of us getting together this saturday (17th) to float the lower Molalla. You are welcome to join. Plan is to float from Canby Community Pond to the takeout on the Willamette at Molalla River Park.
if you are really wanting to get good fast Willie driftboats has a class on the clack... I believe in estacada.
Now I only ran it once...but I remember a real ugly nasty curl below Dexter....it scared the crap outta me. And I was in my 15 foot driftboat. It was in November though and I can't recall what the cfs flow was that day...

Just beware! I'd recommend floating with someone that has experience and knows the float well...and would recommend maybe the town run to get familiarized first, ya know?
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