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I was wondering what the procedure is to order parts from Lakeland. I read in their catalog that you can order amounts smaller than 1000 by paying $1.00 per line item. With that in mind how do you calculate the amount for the line.

For instance, if part x is $100.00 per 1000 is it $10.00 per hundred plus $1.00? Making the subtotal for the line $11.00?

If anyone has had experience ordering for Lakeland any other info you can give me would be great.
Did you try calling them? I'm sure they have a number on there site and would probably be more than happy to answer your question.
I have an account with them, if you order less than min then yes its $1 per item extra. But there is also a tax on fishing components (who knows where that money goes?)...I think its 10 or 15 % something like that. Even with the tax and shipping, I have always came out WAY cheaper even buying in small quantities on most things. In fact im trying to get some people together to make an order of common lure items on another thread, but havent got much interest yet.
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It's been awhile since I was last on.

I just placed an order with Lakeland.

I downloaded an order form and filled it out. I then emailed it to them. They emailed back with the total, tax, shipping, small order fee, etc.

I then emailed my cc info to pay for the order. You can call it in or fax it if you feel safe with your info. Pretty painless. Only thing was it took about two weeks to get my order but it came and the products were of high quality. I will be ordering from them again when I need supplies.
Hookbait that is exactly how it works. I order from them every year. It is really nice to be able to order whatever quantity you want. The extra $1 is just because they have to repack it and count them. Remember they do have a minimum order, last time it was $50 or you get a $5 charge.
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