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the salmon kid
here is almost a half page all about lake of the woods from 3 and a half years of fishing the lake literally every day hope it helps

Driven to the middle levels of the lake and are being massively being caught trolling any kind of flashers preferably weighted to get down to around 20-40 ft deep. the trophy hold overs from 8-10 years ogo are still out there and always seem to break the line or get off rite at the boat but are always 5-9 lbs along with the the regular rain bows and redbands that range from 8+ to 18+ wedding rings trolled 3 feet behind a willow leaf rig have produced a consistent amount of fish fore me along with medium spoons and large jointed rapallas fore the holdovers,,.. they will be stalking the lake the second week in April 800 trophy and 1000 legals when that happens it is impossible for those fish to resist a worm or powerbait rainbow garlic and/or salmon egg works wonders around here 5 fish limits an a couple minutes are not uncommon fly fishing is fantastic year round and these fish are very,very,very easily caught from shore just make sure you have adequate weight to be able to cast deep enough the lake is really shallow around the edges and are covered in snaggy rocks and other submerged structures ,,still fishing on the bottom with a long leader{3ft or more} and a sliding barrel or bullet sinker is the easiest method but it never hurts to try bobbers or casting weighted lures from the docks,. rainbows are always present in the lake but it offers an wide variety throughout the year,,small and largemouth bass get really big out here and have been caught 6 to 8lbs and my lake record of 12.4 lbs i find those all around the docks around the lake shore and in grassy areas with lilly pads is awesome,., the smallies tend to stick to the shore line and around any kind of structures,. cat fishing is really good at night{remember lotw is open 24-7 for fishing} ive caught 2-4 lb bullhead catfish out by the boat ramp in rainbow bay ,..and lets not forget about the fall., the kokeny come in to spawn around the end of September there are schools of millions of thos little buggers and do not eat but will aggressively hit spoons and spinners,. but they are small 6 to 8 inches but ive caught some freaks at 12 to 14 inches ,.,but thats not the best part lake of the woods has German brown trout,. the usually hang out in the deepest parts of then lake most of the year eating kokeny and getting fat but when the kokes come in the giant Germans follow them all the way into shore all of November you can come out here AT NIGHT from the shore or a boat and catch huge browns with jointed rapalls or top water bass poppers holly carp its intense and a small fish is going to be 5 lbs big ones are always 10 to 15 and my other lake record is 16 but have seen way,way bigger fish jumping and fighting with each other and swimming around in the shallows yes fowks lotw has a spawning population of German browns that spawn same time as the kokes and i seem to be the only person out here that knows about them so ime spreading the word //November/browns/j11 broken-backs or poppers/get down here,fish with me [ime here literally every day and live here on the resort] and catch a heck load of fish but pleas practice catch and release cause they'll get bigger next year.,.,. ill be giving report as much as i can throughout the summer ,.,my name is chad for any one who wants to find me and/or fish with me ,.,,. and this year lake of the woods is providing private and large group fishing charters guided by yours truly we will have 2 boats 1 a nice 17 person luxcraft pontoon boat with all the tackle and rods provided ,and a fish finder aka ME, and the other is in the works a 20 ft smoker craft that seats 4 comfortably and has a platform deck for casting flys or lures,. for smaller fishing escapades on a more personal level,..for more info we will be open the beginning of may and you can call or just come up here and we can help you out ,.,well i hope this info helps and thanks for spending the time to read it hope to see some of you out here this year and good luck.
Great report Chad,fish up there several times with my son and grandsons, mostly for bass.He does really well me not so good,B it they are out there!!! Thanks again
Well Said Chad...:) I heard some folks are fixing up the old Girl Scout camp so local kids can get enjoyment using it...:peace::)
Spectacular Lake...

Spectacular Lake...

Truly an amazing body of water, one of the few places in Oregon you can target Trout 24 hours a day.... Something about catching a Hog and yelling "Fish-On" and your partner looks you dead in the face with his headlamp on bright; instant blindness... The the fish takes a run and all heck breaks loose...
Have some great memories on that lake..
Great report... So much water and so little time... Oregon!!

the salmon kid
trout have been planted recently 800 trophys 18-24 and 1000 8-12in good luck
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