June OFF gathering: Wickiup/CranePrairie


What campsite y'all at? Spent an hour yesterday asking people if they were from OFF. GP52 is reserved by a large middle school group..


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Yes I decided why not, I won't have to move Friday

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I like it, early Friday fishing sounds good, I just confirmed an upgrade to my weekend fishing pass, I'll head up Thursday late-afternoon...cheers, roger


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I take it that upgrade is courtesy of the Boss? We'll keep you posted on when we are leaving Thursday sounds like we may not get there till around 6.

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great looking fish,

sunrise is for fishing, windy afternoons are for IPA....

has anyone that's been up there recently checked the water temperature?

IPAs and fishing! Surface temp was 69. Fish are still scattered but all caught were typical quality Cranebows.

Just got home from a 3 day camping trip with 2 buddies. Slow Friday and Saturday. Caught a few nice natives we released. Sunday and Monday were pretty good. Hooked a few large bruisers we couldn't keep out of the snags. Caught a lot of rainbows in the 16 to 18 inch range. Half were clipped and are now brining for the smoker :) We managed a couple of 20+ inch keepers. Caught most in the trees. Managed a few from the Quinn channel today.


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Cool Paul, looking good

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Thanks Dana. It was nice and hot like bass fishing in Texas. Wish I could make it this coming weekend like planned but my daughters prefer coffee shops, malls, and the beach. I'm gonna try to get out there again this summer when the damsel flies are everywhere in the timber. Fly fishing is a blast there then.
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