June OFF gathering: Wickiup/CranePrairie


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great outing, enjoyed meeting Bill and hanging out with the other guys....

top trolling 2 rapalas for browns Saturday on Wickiup, went up the Davis arm, across the lake and along the dam and also up the Deschutes arm near the campground but they didn't want to play so I headed to Crane Prairie for the afternoon but a 10" hatchery bow was all I could find...

I covered all of Crane Prairie on Friday in a cold wind and small whitecaps, hooked 2 nice rainbows, one did some amazing acrobatics before spiting the spinner, didn't get either to the boat...overheard some locals on a boat saying the recent hot weather had put the big fish OFF the bite...


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Gotta love the red waders!! Did he get those from Sammy Hagar?!

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They are shorts, and yes he did get them from the Red Rocker ;)

Great time fellas, fishing was slow but I had a blast hanging out with everyone! Was great finally meeting Jeff, Bill, and Dana, and glad Mitch came along. Good to see Roger and Tanner again.

Thanks for the cooking Jeff! GO SKINS! Dana you are quite a character and a great person to be around! Lets do it again soon :thumb:


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Thanks for the cooking Jeff! GO SKINS! Dana you are quite a character and a great person to be around! Lets do it again soon :thumb:

Thanks Hobs, I felt the same about you and Bill. I'd love to do some floating with the Pontoons, or jumping in the DB and hitting the Mac! Just let me know when to come......LOL, maybe my son will call make up with me......Fathers Day is coming up, then I'd have a base real close. I'd love to get him into some fly flinging.

Roger you peaked my interest in the NHL play OFF so when I got home I set the record button while I put my trailer and gear away. WOW, even though I don't know what the heck icing, or OFF sides or any of the other calls...........:blushing: it was a rippin game...........I told Rosemary after it was over you probably had a big S#$t eating grin on your face.


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Had a great time meeting all you guys. Roger, Tanner, Jeff and his friend Mitch, Mitch's little pup was the greatest! Nice meeting you Dana, hope to fish Odell with you soon, mabye the week of the 20th. Tanner, thanks for cooking and Roger and Jeff for making this happen. Hoping for another campout in the future! Thanks to everyone for helping me load and unload and launching my boat.
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