Jetty fishing rigs

I am heading over to Newport for the weekend and was going to try fishing off the jetty for the first time. Can anyone tell me what kind of rigging and what kind of pole would work well out there? I was just going to use my steelhead pole but I'm not sure if that will work or if I need to buy a new one.
Jetty fishing

I like to use a slider setup like for sturgeon and run sand shrimp or herring about 20ft from the rocks! Or jig it with a 5" yamamoto black or green with about 1/4 once of weight I kill sea bass with it about an hour before or after tide change. If you stay out after dark grow in the dark jigs work best, fish around the fingers in the water!!!
Where's blackbass when you need him.. that guy seems to know some info on this subject!

TJR's got it down.

I've done awesome on the greens by just using a 1-3ft dropper weight, 2ft leader or so and a bait looped #2-#4 hook. Pump some fresh sandshrimp and stick 'em on! Cast out into the middle and bounce it back towards the edge of the rocks and wait.

I heard it's real good at night with glow and black jigs....

Use the small greens as bait for lings.. under a BIG float. Like a 3oz.. Keep em alive and hook them through the nose or the top of the body or something so they can wiggle and swim and attract some attention.
Here's another method used to knock the crud out of the Sea Bass:

This works best with a MINUS tide, but a low tide is probably ok too. And this a NIGHT TIME adventure.

As the tide goes out (to sea), work your way out onto a finger jetty. And CAREFULLY is the word...those rocks are SLIPPERY. Face the BAY side, and cast out a floating Rapala. Twitch and let it sit. Reel slowly and sit. Twitch again and sit. The TRICK is to make it look like a wounded bait fish. You will catch sea bass like crazy.

As the tide begins to come back in, turn and face the ocean side of the finger jetty. Cast your Rapala in the same fashion. BAM, more bass. HOWEVER, don't fish this side too long. Allow plenty of time to get OFF of the jetty. I don't want to hear about you getting swept into the bay. Go with a partner or two. And let someone else know where you are going.

This method works, because the food supply gets washed off of the rocks and onto the surface. The bait fish go into feeding frenzy mode; and the bigger fish come in for a late night snack!

Good luck.

P.S. Do NOT attempt to grab the bass in the dark. Their SPINES HURT BAD!!! Instead, poke your thumb under the tongue. It will paralyze them, and then you can remove the hook(s).
thanks for the info what about a pole would a steelhead pole do the job or should i get a stronger one
BTW, your steelie rod should work fine for the night time Rapala method too.

And welcome to OFF!

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