Hey fishingfreak, i found your knife!

This is royce, found a knife on the bank, I think its yours. There was other people around, so I took it. Email me at dirtrider1984@gmail.com I want to give you your knife back. Not sure if I'm in the right section or doing this right at all. If anyone knows him, can you help deliver the message. Thanks
Good for you & welcome to OFF. It always nice to hear that someone wants to do "the right thing".

A suggestion: you can go to the "community" tab near the top of the page here. Then you can search for "fishingfreak". And you can send that member a PM (private message).

Hopefully you can get connected. Good luck.
Cool I was looking everywhere i go on the river and couldn't find it so I gave up. Thanks buddy. Let me now where you want to meet.
Message delivered! Good one man!
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