Halibut charter next week!

Howdy all,

I decided that it would be worth it to participate in a halibut charter next week - going out on the 28th with a Tradewinds boat from Depoe Bay. Since the charter leaves at 530a, I'm probably going to come down on the morning of the 27th and either do some surf fishing near Newport or Waldport, or from the pier down in Yaquina. I'll probably stay at a friend's parent's house in Waldport.

So, if anyone is interested in hooking up (haha, that never gets old) for some fishing on a Wednesday, let me know.

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tradewinds are a great bunch of skippers. some of their boats are really really fishy. others are not. i worked the deck for skip jeurgen turner on the tacklebuster for a season a while back. never had so much fun on boat. it blows commercial pollack harvest away!
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You can fish right there at Depot from the rocks...
Well, it may or may not happen.

Depends on the winds - last week none of the charters went out. I just called to double check, and they may not be heading out this week.

I'll know more tomorrow.

Okay, charter is on for tomorrow. Gonna head out in a couple of hours to the coast, and meander down to Depoe Bay. Probably going to spend the night at Beverly Beach.

Anyone interested in fishing down at Depoe this evening, let me know. I'll be the confused looking guy with long hair and a pirate hat on (no, i am not kidding).

Well, that was fun. I was hoping to do a full photo essay, but of course that didn't happen.

Left Depoe Bay on the F.V. Siamez at around 6am. Headed out, chugging along. Evidently the Siamez's top speed is around 12 knots, so we really were chugging. Since the Siamez is only a 34 foot boat, things were rockin' and rollin' for pretty much the whole trip - between the swells and the wind, it was a little rough. Which is okay for me - I like bumpy rides, and I didn't get ill.

We chugged out to the area known as the "Chicken Ranch" and set up drift. Our drift speeds ended up being close to 3 knots, which made it kind of hard to keep the weight on the bottom, even though we were using in upwards of 48 ozs.

Reeling in a 48 ounce sinker, using a right hand retrieve reel when you are used to left hand retreive, in swells topping 6+ feet, fighting a 3 knot current, is a little on the exhausting side.

But I had the fish gods on my side. We stayed out until everyone had a fish on board. The largest landed was only 35", by the guy who lost one that was probably 50+. My keeper was 32".

By the time we got back, I was worn out - we had left at 6, started fishing around 9, finished fishing around 2, and got back around 6. Completely forgot to take a picture of my fish, until I was up at my car dumping the bag o'fillet in my cooler. D'oh!

All in all, I really enjoyed the charter. Next time I am going to have the fish filleted and keep the whole carcass as well - while they did an outstanding job of getting as much meat off the bones, there was still a considerable amount left, which would make for outstanding soup.

Next charter is going to be back on the Siamez this August, for tuna!
Good deal that you got some fish out of it!

48 oz! Holy crap! What style weights were you using?

How deep were you fishing? What line were you using? What reels?

I am planning to head out for Halibut this weekend in my boat but I don't know if I'm setup for it. I've got a couple heavy poles a Penn 320GTI reel and an older large Penn reel. They both have 20 lb test on them.

Reels were heavy Shimano level winds, didn't catch the model name, on Ugly Stik saltwater rods, again didn't catch the model. We were using cannon ball weights, on power pro braided mainline that was probably 85+ test (it felt twice as thick as the 55lb test PP i have on my sturgeon reel), 5/0 or bigger hooks, doubled into a whole herring on a dacron leader on about two feet of mono shock leader that was at least 50lb. One of the guys was pulling a 64oz cannonball.

Depth straight down was between 650 and 700 feet. But we were broadside to most of the wind and waves, so our drift was about 3 knots, and most of the time there was a good 1000'+ out. which absolutely sucked.

The 50 incher (or so) was almost in the boat, but everyone was fishing from the starboard rail, and we were all tangled right as he brought his fish to the surface. three lines over his, all being reeled in at the same time, and his mainline ended up getting sawed through. But we all saw how big it was.
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i have heard that 100% of their halibut trips have been limits through tradewinds charter in depoe.... id say its pretty good :p
Madoc, great post. I could visualize that trip as I read it. I've been out there at the Chicken Ranch and have to agree fishing with 48oz of lead at 600' with a strong drift is something else. Not to mention the long rung out and back. Thanks for sharing. I swear I could smell the salt air by the time I'd finishe dreading it.
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