Turning in an assignment 2 weeks late!!



Jan 18, 2009
Veneta, Or
This report is past due by two weeks, but i have an excuse.. I was fishing!

Im just gonna come out and say this... I HATE TROLLING, Its counterproductive to my self diagnosed ADHD...BUT its worth it EVERYTIME ;)

Sept 13th - 0300 awaken to the alarm and the aroma of coffee being made (no not my wife, my preset coffee machine, Cheers mr coffee!!).. PINNED the whole way to drift creek, screw breakfast there are salmon in the river!

I met my great friend and amazing angler Kyle at his jet sled that has been in the river since the last week of august. (kyle worked the entire month of august to be off the entire month of September..Yeah he is a motivated angler!) Kyle says to me " you ready to catch some fish Bob" i respond with a smart arse remark that isn't suited for the forum and off we go! The day was slow in general with a few fish being landed by random boats and most were coming on bobber and egg.. Hmmmm we re-think our rigging and decide to continue with our herring... About noon we hadnt had a single take down and slack tide was in which was really getting frustrating to pull weeds off your diver every thirty seconds :rolleyes: With some serious discussion and a few mathematical equations Kyle and i decided it would be the best decision to start drinking :cool: After a 20 min profanity slanging session directed towards the slack tide we decided again it would be dumb not to troll back to the dock. Start Kicker...Herring in... begin trolling... "Hold on kyle im snagged up again... hey this snag has fins.. YEEE HAAAW fish on!!!" Chinook runs down river and i realized the belly in my line was about 30ft behind this fish thats doing mach holy crap and the fight begins! My buddy kyle grabs the net and his wrist rocket and starts seal duty ha ha! :naughty: Fish in the boat.. Bonk.. Bleed in cooler..tag.. start trolling! Nothing else that day but one nice fish will do 29lbs :D We head to waldport for some grub at about 1600.. Ring Ring Kyle is so popular his phone is always blowing up.. He answers and i remember the conversation i heard only being half went like this.. "REALLY" "only 18 miles" "what time" "0230" "OK" "25 bags of ice, Got it"... Kyle hangs up.. "Were going tuna fishing tomorrow Bob"

Sept 14th - 0230 wake up meet Ryan in depoe bay and get heading out into the ocean.. im a total land lover and come to find out so was kyle, I white knuckled it out into the ocean 18 miles (i know its not far considering) but it seemed frightening when you have never done it before :shock: After some trolling at what seemed like a really fast pace we were in the tuna.. WOW!! What an incredible fighting fish (and delicious too) Now this was no chartered trip this was purely a joy trip because kyle and ryan are friends and ryan has his own boat he takes out, So it was just Kyle, Ryan and I : ) After a few conversations i realized that Ryan is actually an OFFer too (Coastal Fisherman).. We really were blessed to have someone with as much knowledge as Ryan that was willing to share it with us! He even taught me how to cut up the tuna to get the most out of the fish! THANKS A TON COASTAL FISHERMAN!!!!!!!

Sept 15th- 0545 Start trolling for salmon again, This time i only have a couple hours because i need to get home and ready for work. After an hour BAM, fish on! Yee Haw, Fish in boat! I love salmon fishing : ) We head back to the dock to clean the fish make breakfast and head home :cool: GREAT TRIP!!! Thank you kyle and Coastal Fisherman!! sorry for the long report Cheers, Bob


May 12, 2008
river right/left
thanks for an awesome report... but for lateness you only get A- (jk)

and well done for getting into fish...


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Feb 8, 2009
Eugene, Oregon
Haha I'm with you on the trolling!! It's up there with plunking! My ADD makes it challenging lol. Gotta do what ya gotta do though, and it usually pays off. I find myselfchronically changing my rig though lol. Glad you finally turned in the report, those are nice fish!

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