great fishing at DL

Spent 4 days last week at Diamond Lake with very good success. Of the 44 fish we caught, over half were 18" or longer. We talked to a former DL guide, Fish On John, who told us how to fish the lake. Tackle: 6 lb test flurocarbon, #4 octopus hook, with 5'-6' under a bobber. Bait: worms with Mike's extra strong shrimp oil spread thickly on the worm. Use a worm threader and leave a little bit of worm hanging off the hook. location: South West corner along the shrimp beds. We did best in the water depth of 6'-7'.
Another fisherman who worked at the DL Marina for 7 years told us that all of August is the best month to fish DL. Here are some of our pics.
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Thank you for the great report. :clap: I am headed there next week. We have always gone in June. Bug hatch was huge last year & fishing wasn't great for us then. I was thinking that this time of year might be better. It's great to hear the fishing was good for you. Thanks again for an awesome report and the tips.
You're welcome and good luck.
bobbn, I am new (back) to fishing, gave it up for several years but just took it up again. My father always loved fishing Diamond Lake in October and I told him I would take him up on the boat. Did you hear how the fishing forcast is suppose to be for then?
Thanks for the tips, will give it a try on our trip
Fishing at DL in Oct

Fishing at DL in Oct

Hi Chopper;

Glad to hear that you are back into the great sport of fishing. Your dad will enjoy DL. It will be much colder in Oct so I don't know how the fishing will be affected. Here is the phone number of the marina/boat house. They can tell you how it is and what is working: 1-800-733-7593 X238. Let me know how you do.
Good luck and tight lines,

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