Garibaldi bottom fishing report 3/7/2018


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Great pic. Looks like a fun crew to fish with. Garibaldi is too far north for me but love to hear of your adventure.
Is this long line or are you under 30 fathoms and what did you use.
Great report
We were under 30 fathoms. Not a lot of boats, maybe a dozen, released some orange fish, kept 3 black rockfish in addition to the six lings.
We all started off using 8 oz jig heads, with large, 10" curly tails, we got bit, but short bites mostly Mixed it up with an 6 oz iron, blue sardine, got fish right away, we all switched and the lings came quickly. Odd, because we have had great success with the curly tails in the past. The jigs were the ones available on my website, FishnSleep.Net, at the bottom of the shop page. Looking to get back out tomorrow hopefully!