Fishing at South Santiam river, Oregon

Video report of fishing at South Santiam river, Oregon, on May 31st, 2010.

Another fine video, and great sense of humor!

(Did you really go somewhere other than the Willy?) LOL
troutdude said:
Did you really go somewhere other than the Willy? LOL
Glad you had a good time on the Santiam.
Do people ever get pissed for being video taped? lol!
Man it's gotta hurt to loose a lovely spinner like that!
Your vids are VERY creative! You should be makking fishing vids for somebody.
The first guy fighting the fish almost looks like a guy I see all the time at the Alsea in the winter. :lol:


Yep, I think that's him. If so I saw him keep a foul under the bridge one day.
:lol: The promos are great. And the soundtrack that comes along with it.....priceless. Good video bud.
Great job at being "politically correct"!
I'd say half of the fish caught at the falls come in sideways... hoooked in the "south mouth." Funny cause I get people telling me "yea they wouldn't bite any eggs or bait, they just wanted a red corky today drifted at 100mph in the fast water." ROFL.
Holy cow.. check the river levels! River is BLOWN. Deadline is at 13.5ft.. waterloo is at 6.3ft and 7000cfs!

Goin to have to sort fishing gear all week looks like... :(
thats an awesome video
Great video . Funny stuff.
Johnny Southpaw
Love the video Anatoliy-you have MAD editing and video production skillz!
Johnny Southpaw said:
you have MAD editing and video production skillz!
Nah, I'm just learning
Man that was a funny Video, you had the whole room laughing! My Nephew had coca cola coming out his nose. Keep those coming you have a great sense of humor. Mike123 The Clack and Sandy is Blown out to. I am going to switch species for a couple days and try to land a keeper Sturgeon.
Very nive video. Looks like a lot of fun to me. Qwa
I actually seen a boat fishing the falls today! LMAO!! The water is dark brown and the falls just about go straight across!
Trees and stumps and all kinda stuff floatin down right now!
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