finally got a steelhead

been fishing the canal for 3 years and have heard the words "guy caught a steelhead right over there yesterday" at least 50 times. Well I can honestly say that YES! there are steelhead that run through A.B. I caught a 31 incher with rainbow power bait of all things on friday morning (10/28/10) at around 7am.

Just thought I'd share........sadly I dont own a digital
Finneus Polebender
Cool deal have heard they are in there !
Good Job buddy! Way to keep after them!
Right on bro, Having a camera is cool so you can share your catch with others. But no camera no worries. The image is burnt into your memory for ever and no one can ever take that away.
Nice job. So did you catch it in the pond back behind the BMX track? I've talked to a few people who have caught or seen them caught in there. I caught a brooder back in there a long while back, and in that narrow stretch of water between the pond I was just talking about and autzen I had a huge fish follow a rooster tail but didn't get it to bite. just curious. Nice job though.
wow great job buddy!!! i did not know you could get a steelhead with power bait!!! but i guess you could get one with anything
nice! i'm still trying to get one that big
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