Does powerbait actually work?

I have cans and cans of powerbait. I've just never caught a fish off of it. Does powerbait actually work? Has anybody caught a fish using power bait?
Yeah it works, it replicates the closest thing i guess to what they feed them at the hatcheries, you just have to find the right color, green usually works really well, or rainbow colored, be warned though if you want to catch and release don't use the stuff, they usually swallow it and the fish is a done deal. You can fish it on the bottom or with a bobber and a weight above the hook so the bait will sink. Good luck
Powerbait cartainly works. Main deal I have found with it, is that it doesn't work well while moving. But if you have a lake full of stockers, finding their depth and then targeting them with floats, or simply running if off the bottom with some lead it can lead to quick limits.
That's good to know. Is it the smell that attracts them...then the color? Nice to know how fish "think" sometimes. To catch a fish you have to think like a fish...that green stuff looks tasty.
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Powerbait sure does work

Hey Trevor,
You can never have enough powerbait especially with the wide variety to colors and types..nuggets or the play dough kind as I call it. My favorite color is rainbow. I've also been mixing colors lately, take some orange and add some green, just trying different variations and it does work. That does seem odd that you have never caught any fish using powerbait.

:think:Some things I've had to learn along the way are...the lighter the line you use, the better. I don't use line heavier than 4 pound test, if you go heavier it will probably cost you bites. Another thing to keep in mind is hook size, the smaller the hook the better. I usually go with size 8 or 10. But as someone else mentioned the fish will swallow these small hooks so catch and release is probably not an option in this case. Make sure the powerbait covers your hook completely, those trout are pretty dang smart and can detect the hooks. There are just so many factors that come into play when fishing..water temp, time of year, Fishing gear and can be frustrating but keep on trying.

Where do you normally fish using powerbait?


ToyotaTrevor sorry for the delay in getting bites with power bait, I called Berkley and they are shipping a new batch just for you:).
In all honesty I agree with what was stated above, keep your hook size down and line size as small as you can. One more thing that might help, are you using an egg sinker for bottom fishing? This method does make a true difference in catching and missing a fish. If you are into catch and release and still want to use Powerbait, pinch back the barb on your hooks and even if the fish does swallow it deep you can still use a pair of hemostats or needle nose pliers to remove the hook without damaging the fish. Now some times the fish just won't revive and when that happens - it is simply lunch time;).

the worst thing about power is that it works!that stuff is stinky,sticky and generally a pain in the butt!If it didn't work I wouldnt have to touch it!:D
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No pain, no gain Steelhead1. It does get sticky and taste kinda nasty, not smart to eat right after putting on some powerbait:lol: And to think I have to remind my kids to wash their hands before they eat, guess I need to practice what I preach.
Powerbait is the only stuff that has worked for me this year. My wife and I both hit limit within an hour using the rainbow color.
Trout do swallow powerbait quiet a bit but there are a few things that you can do if you plan on releasing the fish.
1. Don't use treble hooks. I use a single point #8 hook. You lose a lot more bait and miss more hook sets but you are easier on the fish and makes it more challenging.
2. Crimp the Barb. Easier to lose the fish during the fight but it also makes it more challenging. Besides, your planning on releasing the fish anyways correct. :p
3. Don't pull out the guts. If a fish manages to swallow the hook, cut the line. Don't try to get the hook out because your just going to damage the fish further. If you have a single point and a crimped barb, there is a good chane that the fish will eventually spit the hook.
4. Set the hook quickly. The longer a fish is playing with the bate on the bottom, the better chance that it will swallow the hook.

Follow these steps and you can have a fun/productive fishing day without killing anything that you don't want to. I generally only have to cut one hook off per 20-30 fish.
Agreed! I've only caught 4 fish on the regular powerbait dough. With powereggs, who knows how many i catch! They smell much better than the dough, stay on the hook better, and sometimes, you can use the same 2 eggs for 5 fish.
does powerbait work? does pinnochio have a wooden ta***? He** Yeah!

its like cheating, its so easy. I went with the extra scent, silver label stuff. It is my last resort, because "75% of the time, it works every time." I think the silver label variety "extra scent" the way to go.
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Wooden Ta*** !!! I love it !!! OMFG... Awesome line there....

As for Powerbait - Lets just say 13 trout to the bank in 3 hours on straight green powerbait on a size 14 treble.

Does it work...Does Michael Jackson like Sleepovers?
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"Does it work...Does Michael Jackson like Sleepovers"

"does powerbait work? does pinnochio have a wooden ta***? He** Yeah!"

nice, i think i'll have to add my own.

does powerbait work? what does a guy with 2 units say when his tailor asks if he dresses to the left or right?:p
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I agree. I get just as many fish on the power eggs as the guys with power bait, and my hands are clean. Does power bait work?? Thats almost the only thing you see at any of the trout ponds I go to. I hate it though!! Happy fishing, Brian
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I challenge all to a Contest.
Powerbait vs. Power Eggs.
We fish in Fall/Winter for trout at our Favorite Trout pond and use Powereggs or Powerbait.
Does Powerbait work? " DOES ROSE KENNEDY HAVE A BLACK DRESS!!!!?"
( sorry, had to ad one )
Sounds like a challenge. How much is your weekly allowance kid? lol jk
Does power bait really work

Does power bait really work

Does Ifish kick members off for no good reason, not sorry - someone had to say it.


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