Do common carp ever come without barbels?


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Hi Guys! I haven't done a ton of carp fishing, and I'm really only just starting to really love it... But today, I caught three smaller-sized carp which looked like a lighter colored common carp, but they didn't have any barbels. I checked online, and they don't appear to be grass or asian carp, as the physical characteristics do not seem to add up. In any case, I was just curious if these were some kind of hybrid, or maybe a weird kind of common?


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could it be like aquarium catfish (cory cats) where if the substrate (bottom of tank, or in this case pond, lake, or river) is rough they wear down their whiskers as they search for food?


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@radiationalley I think they are crucian carps. I am totally assuming but I think I know where you are fishing at, and there are some beasts in there. Most of the time I catch the typical 5 lbers but every once in a while a beast will turn up.
If youre gonna kill it fine, dont leave it rot in the water, take it home and chop it with your axe or something.
Hey I wasn't torturing the poor thing. I put it in a shallow pool of water so it could still breathe while I was out slaughtering his relatives. And chopping them with an axe is quite effective lol

How many mirrors have u shot?
Only a few. I would really love to shoot a 20+ pound mirror just to make John Montana cry on the inside ;)
It's a goldfish/common carp hybrid. They're pretty common where both species swim. I catch them every now and them at Fern Ridge. You can count lateral line scales to confirm.