Dad lost 7wt!!

If anyone found my ol man`s 7wt Lammi w/pflueger medalist 1595-1/2 @ the parking lot, would ya pm me? He`s thinkin that he may have heard himself run over it awayz up from the parking lot.:shock::shock: But last remembers setting it the hood and getting ready to leave.

O! I`ll do what I can for a reward. Show ya a lil sumpin on the crick or $50.... ??or sumpin...thanx
O man, I ran over mine two weeks ago...hope it shows up for him.
me too! His Mom just got out of the hospital this morning. He runs up to get some water time and POW! not cool. He was not a happy camper right after he got here to my house. I was just waking up from a nap and like "!DUDE! I`ll take of ya!
He`s not workin and the fly rod be a man`s best friend at times!
Damn....that sucks. Hope he finds it and tell him I say hey.
Oh man thats sucks. I remember the second trip I guided, I had a couple from florida he was a charter boat captain he and his wife were retired school teachers and did some consulting with school districts across the country. I was nervous to say the least this guy took clients on a boat in the ocean for tarpon and snook, I was going to try and hook him into decent trout. To make it more interesting he tells me they have only been fly fishing for a year and a half, but they go on guided trips everywhere they go for thier consulting gig. he had been to Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Montana ect. I was very nervous to say the least. So after being out on the creek for a couple of hours and hooking them into some Apache trout we ate lunch and I decided we were going to move locations. As we are pulling up the hill I look over to the console where my fly rods usually rest and noticed there not there I had left them on the roof of the landcruiser !!!!! two sage txl 4wts a lamson reel and a trout graphics Able my heart sank I was in shock at my oversight and embarrassed to boot. I slowly pulled over stepped out of the truck and spun to see if perhaps they were still there, and .............there they were they didn't look like they had even moved I had traveled about two miles out of the canyon I couldnt believe it. I quickly grabbed them and threaded them through the drivers side window and across the back seat and jumped in with out saying a word them we proceeded on to the next creek. I had also almost lost my camera that day by dropping it into the creek while netting a fish good thing its water proof.
After that day I decided I was not going to get nervous while guiding clients on fishing trips anymore. I couldnt Afford it! I also have mental checks I go through as I am packing up, but I still pull over and check sometimes especially if I am really tired after fishing all day.
That really sucks.

I can understand that his head is probably all not there to keep track of stuff considering the situation with his mom; this now makes a stressful situation just worse for him!

If he's not working and that's his only fly rod, I'd be willing to throw some money in toward a $50 if you'll accept it. He can also use my 7-8 wt in the's got a lifetime warranty, so no worries on damage or anything. I just got it, but I'm not really considering throwing flies to a steelhead until I figure them out better; I just use my 5 wt. on trout when I get frustrated on the steelhead hunt...hehehehe.

It's not as nice as a Lami, but it may as well get some use from a guy that knows what he's doing. Maybe it'll add some good mojo to the rod for me :)

Your dad's a nice guy and I'd hate for him to not have a good outlet for him during a rough patch.

Take care guys and I hope your grandmother recovers well.
ill throw in some money for a replacement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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