Crawfish where

Where are the crawfish? Used to got to stream behind triangle but looking for more spots. For eating not bait,not looking for heavy metal crawfish.
I've heard that Timothy lake has decent crawdad fishing. Haven't heard about anywhere else so it's probably the only place where crawdad fishing is remotely productive in the area.
I saw a couple guys pull traps out of the Tualatin a while back. They said the traps had been in the water only 2 hours and were they were full.

Now I know people say not to eat what you catch from that river, but these guys swore there is a commercial crawdad fishery on the Tualatin, that a "friend" harvests crawdads there to sell to local restaurants. I don't put much faith in the words of random strangers, but they did have a trap full of dads.
Timothy lake is a great crawdad fishery,and the tualatin as well. Almost every river lake stream in Oregon has crawdads some are better than others. As far as timothy being the best I have fished it several times and same soak time same time of day and same time of year. The Abernathy creek beats timothy all to hell.
Just keep in mind that the crawdad season is very slow right now. Ill start fishing crawdads in june depending on how warm its been but late july and august is prime fillin traps time. Good luck
I saw a bunch of them in the upper Calapooia about a month ago.
Like I was saying there every where. A couple years ago a company I was working for relocated there office and it was close to Fanno creek in the tigard area. Out of curiosity I threw a trap in the creek and I let it soak from 3:00 one friday afternoon showed up at 7:00 sat. morning and there were 63 fairly decent dads in it all eater size.
Smaller creeks like Fanno, Abernethy,Butte etc. can be fished out very fast so you need to have several spots. And not put to much pressure all in the same area.
My best advice to find crawdads is a slow moving creek, river like the tualatin,the pudding river and just toss a trap in make sure your bait is in a bait cage.So your bait will last. And what ever you use for bait make sure its fresh or frozen fresh. I've heard tales of the more rotten the better. Thats hogwash the fresher the better. I try to make shad my first choice. If I dont have shad salmon and steelhead carcuss works well to especially if they still have the gills.
the siuslaw around Richardsons is very good ; most of the coastal streams are pretty good. I use to use hotdogs or a piece of bacon. I would imagine the willamette would be good too.
didn't figure permit for crawdads would be much.I was just hopin for the secret bank spot lol crawfish greed lol
well drown worms I think you will find pretty much the whole state is a secret crawdad spot.... I never see anyone target them, I don't know where u live but I live on the multn, channel.... I will tell you where my 2 best sturgeon holes are if you promise to wipe out the crawdads for me, they are so thick I actually reel them up constantly.... but you might want to boil the sh** out of them.... literally!
Sauvie Island is teeming with crayfish, people would chuck in a trap for 10 minutes and pull out a few for sturgeon bait on the Gilbert River. If not that, Barney Reservoir west of Henry Hagg has tons of crayfish, plus bullfrogs if you're into that. I recently started fishing there, not too bad.

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