Corvallis sturgeon

Hello i was wondering if anyone knows any sturgeon holes in the corvallis area or harrisburg? I do not own a boat. If anyone has a open seat i am willing to pitch in. Bank is preffered and ive tried multiple spots but to no luck. Any help is appreciated :)
Welcome to OFF. I moved your thread to the appropriate heading. Since this has nothing to do with Hagg Lake.

I have a 1960's map, of the Willy, drawn by the local Steelheaders Chapter. The map shows a spot, just a bit downstream from the Hwy. 20 turn OFF into HP. I believe that hole is in front of a culvert, which empties into the Willy. I'm not sure how easy that spot is to get too. And the river has changed GREATLY, since the 60's. But it may be worth a try.
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Go to Irish Bend Park, go right or up stream oh about 100 yards or so, theres a sand bank there , I,ve seen sturgeon actually jumping there !, I never have tried to catch one my self, BIL and his Boss got a real over sized one down stream from there a few years back , good luck
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Thank you i am just learning the site haha. I will definitely try both those spots, i have tried irish bend but i have a feeling i wasn't in the sweet spot
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I've yet to try but I did ask these same questions a year or so ago.
I was told Irish Bend as well.
I drove out one day across the river from the park, just to have a look you know, and spoke with a couple of guys that were fishing from a ledge on the bluff just a few feet above the water line.
I was told the water on the outside of the bend across from the park where they were fishing was quite deep, They claimed 60 ft but I don't know if that is true, seems a bit exaggerated to me.
However they also said they had just released a sturgeon shortly before I arrived and that they fish that hole regularly with some success.
I've also been told that where the Long Tom River empties into the Willamette is a good deep hole for sturgeon, but it is on Private land.
I've been told they owner doesn't care if you fish there so long as you keep it clean.
After inspecting the shoreline there I would say if you intended to fish there you need to be very aware of where you set up to fish because the bank appeared to me to have been dangerously undermined by the river in spots.
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