Coos Bay??

Im new to the fishing forum, ive been fishing the eugene area for a few years now, mostly for trout and bass. Im heading down to coos bay area this thursday, I dont have a boat but am hoping to do some jetty fishing and/or crabbing while im there. Does anyone know of a spot where I could do some fishing and crabbing at the same time from shore. If not any good spots that work for one or the other. Thanks
Since no one jumped in to help on this one, Ill throw what I know, which is next to nothing. I used to work for a millwright contractor, and we worked at a mill in Coosbay everyweekend for almost a year. I didn't do any fishing while i was down there, and Im not sure about any jetty fishing. But I do think I have seen/ think its possible to throw some rings off the board walk in downtown Coosbay, and bobber fish or throw spinners in the same location.
ok thanks, any info helps, how about Charleston area, do you know anything about that?
The ocean is crazy right now. Jetty/rock fishing is out.... Charleston would be a better place to go crabbing. a lot of crabs to be had right now. Your best bet would be to go up the river and try for a salmon.
if you want to crab in coos bay,try the empire boat dock,at the end of newmark,if its trout you want try 1 mile back into town
at empire lakes,they stocked the lakes about 3 weeks ago and i know that there are some nice fatties in there(power eggs on the bottom).
if you want more info,pm me.
ok thanks, I ended up just staying in town and trying the willamette but with no success.
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