Commonwealth Lake Fishing

Commonwealth was booming today. Not super busy with anglers, but once my shore-mate enlightened me on what to throw into the drink, I was hittin' minnows off the bottom...which was a hell of a lot more than what I was hittin' before that!

Oh and the stock truck showed up and vomited a truckload of fish for the Youth Day (which schedule for later today, Saturday, May 9th). I was about to complete my limit with a full line of 11" minnows, and decided to follow suit with some other folk fishin' where a guy pulled SEVERAL biggeons out. I landed my #5 at 19". It was purty. Thanks to my shore-mate's net, landed the fish without snapping my line (as a fellow beside me had done TWICE with 2 larger rainbows).

Good luck to the Youth kids later today!

Oh and that ruler is a standard 12" ruler if you cannot read the numbers.
nice fish! i went there later in the day but wasn't able to get anything the fish were on the other end of the lake, and it was too busy down there too get in, nobody around me was hittin either ( maybe when i put my feet in the water i scared em off) hehehehe
Troutier Bassier
lol a little bit bigger then a ruler.
Just got back from commonwealth, fished from 7:15-8:00pm, VERY windy, the little lady was not pleased with the wind, fishing was decent, caught two small fish, probably between 7-8 inches each, caught them both on silver kastmasters, sent them back into the lake to grow larger, lot's of people out, everyone else seemed to be bottom fishing with powerbait, didn't see anyone else having any luck
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