Closing of Cedar Hatchery Program

I heard this and I want to confirm it, just wondering if anybody else has more news or "real news" on it. AA did you hear anything like that????

There's already meetings and what not for making Cedar Creek ( yes the one on Sandy ) a total wild fishery.
Man I'm starting to wonder that if there will be any real fishing ground left for us local anglers.
It's the vision of the "leadership" a majority of Oregonians voted for. Removal of Marmot dam never should have happened. The Sandy river will become a case study of how much better it is, if humans are banned from using it.

I saw a Nat Geo piece on the Marmots removal recently. Very biases and I see the dark clouds looming. I was floored to discover the massive amounts of silt and sand was a result of breaching the diversion dam. I have pictures of the huge silt layer that covered the bank the entire 08 season. All the sand that showed up @ Dabney and below which plugged the holes in the lower river.... The diversion dam spoils.

I have seen pictures nationally distributed of Detroit Res drained. Where they use the images of the exposed stumps and "barren" landscape to suggest the forest was destroyed and now nothing will ever grow there again. No mention it's underwater 9 months out of the year.

Photographic propaganda on a epic scale.

Our elected officials don't listen to us, they inflict their will upon us, as we are too stupid to understand; pretty much everything..
They say they are not going to close the Cedar Creek Hatchery. There is another thread on the next page of this forum call Sandy Closure. I posted the following there on 3-4 09

Acting on a suggestion from AA I went to the NW Steelheaders meeting last night in Troutdale. One of the folks from the Sandy river hatchery was there to speak to the group. The short version is the hatchery is a priority to remain open. The problem is that the Sandy Hatchery is a Mitchell fund (federal money) hatchery. Those funds have not increased in several years. The cost of operating the hatchery has increased and there is a gap. The plan is to use some of the money from the increase in fishing license fee to fill the gap. There is also the possibility that there will be an increase in the Mitchell funds. I wish I had been more on the ball and had taken pen and paper to take notes.
It just seems like there is an extreme amount of politics being played out and us folk are on the short end of the rod. If the feds can give all that money (millions) for the study of pig odor they should be able to find the $300,000 to run a fish hatchery that can generate more economic activity.

The fellow who spoke at that meeting was Todd Alsbury he is the District fish biologest for ODFW. The worst case would be that they no longer go from egg to smolt at the hatchery. They would raise the smolts else where then aclamate them at the Cedar Ceek Hatchery them dump them into the Sandy. He also said there was a plan to keep winter steelhead in Egale Creek.

Fishfinger you could not be more correct its about who really represent your intrest and not there own intrest. The truth of the matter is "it's the squeeky wheel that gets the grease".
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Thank god cooler heads prevail.... I am a bit of a curmudgeon and worse, a kibitzer at times.

I stopped by Bonneville last week and actually talked to a guy working there. He said presently they are rearing Tules, Up River Brights which they release from Tanner creek. AS well they have 300,000 steelhead smolts for both the Clack and the Sandy systems. They deliver them to the hatcheries where they acclimate for a month or so then are released. He knew more about the Clack supplementation that the Sandy; so I figures there could be some wheeling and dealing going on.
I have heard many many things about Cedar Creek, and their financial woes, but I also have heard a lot of B.S. about Winters in Eagle Creek. I can tell you this. No Winters got spawned this year. I did see quite a lot getting slashed and dumped into big bins, that eventually make it to Idaho, or WA to feed inmates, or homeless folk. But whatever happens in the next 5-7 years, will determine the fisheries futures for sure. I hope we can manage to get our leaderships heads screwed on straight, and cinvince them that sportsmen are important. The Sandy will always be a clipped fishery though. REgardless of Cedar Creeks existence or not. Might not be as good, but at least you will still be able to harvest.
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