Clam digging tide 4-22-11 at Florence

Fish-On Fred
Got over to Florence @ 9:30 A.M. and dug clams with my wife and a good friend, limits of Softshell Clams. We also picked up several of the Purple Varnish Clam that were in our daily limit of 36 each. Lots of sunshine and a slight N.E. wind. A great outing on short notice.:)
Sounds fun, Wish i was there.
Nice job! if you dont mind sharing were in florence did u go? Ive been wanting to try it but everytime I make it to the coast I either try fishing or crabbing
Probably just went on the flats south of the N Fk Siuslaw Bridge (126 coming into town) thats a very popular spot with lots of softshells to be found there.
Fish-On Fred
Went to the South side across from Moe's.
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