Chinook on the north?

I'm still new to salmon fishing and still looking for my first. Was wondering what you all thought of up around minto SP. I'll have the time in a couple of days, what I'm wondering is will the salmon still be there? or am I to late in the season. This is my first year at it so i'm still green. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
they are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are there, And will remain there. We've had a pretty decent amount of fish coming over the falls late in the season, which should extend the fishery. Always a plus. But actually being able to hook ones another story, best of luck.
We saw some springers rolling, last weekend, just below the Big Cliff dam. Try bait (eggs, shrimp, etc) and yarn soaked in scent.
Thanks all, this forum is great. just hope I can return the favor and help someone else out in the future. Ah who am I kidin, I got to catch something to be able to extend any help right? LOL. Thanks again guys!
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