Caught some monster carp

john montana
No argument from me for legally taking the fish and using them...well done. I just hate to see wanton waste and dead fish on the banks. That makes me sad.

I might argue that common carp are much less destructive to our native sea going fish than other invasives though (chiefly smallmouth bass which I love to catch). With common carp it is more about potential habitat degradation than predation, and conditions have to be right for that to occur (see the malheur reservoir). The Columbia basin seems to support common carp pretty well without causing a native fish problem...likely because it is too rocky for common carp to seriously damage
the environment.

Just got back from the flats of lake MI and it seems to be a similar situation to the big c. No habitat issues due to the bottom structure...what a place that is. I will get some pics and a report up this weekend.
Anyone know where this was?

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Oregon carp angler
Nice catches John!
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