Smith and Bybee Lakes

I couldn't resist the 80 degree weather we had on Monday and decided to give Smith/Bybee Lakes a run. I put my yak in around 3pm and ventured over close to where the two lakes connect. There I found several nice patches of water between 3-4ft deep loaded with carp. At times it was difficult spotting the fish. These carp are crafty suckers. Smith and Bybee have lots of "green gunk" that coats the surface in spots. I spooked several carp not even knowing they were hanging out just under the stuff. I ended up shooting 6 carp that day. I weighed all but the last two because the 4th one flopped around so much it knocked my scale into the water haha. I'll have to secure it better next time. The fish weighed in at 15.25lbs, 11.5lbs, 9lbs, 8lbs, Unknown, and Unknown. Below are some pictures and video. Enjoy.

15.25lb fish


Fighter to the end!


My attempt at a John Montana carp glamor shot lol.


First Person Shooter.

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Mike, just wondering .... what do you use the carp for? They obviously are killed, right? So what do you use them for? :think: They would probably make great fertilizer for a garden or something!!

You should start a gardening product: Mike's All-Natural Organic Fertilizer - We cut the crap out of gardening!

Oh, and because you use the word "organic" you can charge like 35% more than if you hadn't!! hahahaha

The depth didn't look to be too deep, so why use the kayak?

Cool pics man.

Take care.

I use the carp for crab bait. I actually got that idea from this forum last year. But now that I have a lead on John Montana's "A Water" I may do some catch and release :lol:. How priceless would it be to see him reel in a big 20+lb. carp with a hole in it? Hahahaha.

The kayak was necessary because you can't get to where I was without one. Plus it gives you a nice vantage point to spot carp.

john montana

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That water isn't very deep Spidey...but Mike isn't very tall. He's just a little guy, hence the kayak.

Looks like you shooting is getting better! Is that 15 your biggest now Mike? Good solid fish.

The camera's point of view is about even with where my head is. You can cover a lot of water visually with a kayak. John Montana would have one except he has a sissy Jeep that can't carry one :lol:


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Awesome! I want to show this to my son tonight.

Also, a lot of people say carp doesn't taste good, but Mike has a recipe that makes it taste like Dungeness crab :)