Boat rental information wanted for Hagg Lake

Does anyone have any information (who to call, contact numbers, etc), for the boat rentals available at Henry Hagg Lake? Any help is greatly appreciated. I've never fished there before, but am planning to go in early March. Thanks.
Owned by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, maintained and operated by Washington County, the Park features numerous picnic areas, two boat launching facilities, a fully stocked lake for fishing, more than 15 miles of hiking trails, and observation decks for wildlife and bird watching. Since the creation of Henry Hagg Lake in the mid-1970s, Washington County, the Bureau of Reclamation, and the Washington County Elks Lodges have shared a commitment to make the Park user-friendly to every visitor. Located just 25 miles southwest of Portland, resting at the base of Oregon's beautiful coastal range, Hagg Lake offers visitors the best of outdoor recreational activities.

The address of the Park is 50250 SW Scoggins Valley Road, Gaston, OR 97119. For information on the Park call 503-846-8715.

155 N 1st Avenue Suite: 270
Hillsboro, OR 97124-3072
Phone: (503) 846-8611
Email: Support Services
Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks for the park information!

Tight lines.

dude young
I do not have a ton of experience on that pond, but, I do know that when you enter the park, stay to the left and follow the West Shore Rd. to Boat Ramp C (I think?). You will know it when you see it. There is a shack at the ramp that looks like they have rental boats. I would contact Washington Cty. Parks (who operate the park) or check this Site for all the info you need: Hagg Lake

Welcome to the forum. I had a blast at Hagg this spring when
I brought my brother in law out for his first time trolling for stocker trout.
Thanks Dude Young.

Just outta curiosity, what kind of rigs did you use for trolling? I tend towards Ford Fenders / Doc Sheltons / Beer Cans along with a standard wedding ring spinner (pink body and brass blade or green & black body and silver blade), and tipped with a bit of worm and scent.

But, I'd enjoy hearing what you had success with.

Happy fishing,

dude young
No problemo! I like to drag flies behind the boat early season. I moved here about year ago from New Hampshire, so I just do what I did there. I use smelt imitation streamer flies. Also go with flies that **** trout off. Like a Mickey Finn of anything with orange/red and an eye on it.

When the water is cold, I use a sinking tip line. When it warms up, I go to a full sink line. Boat speed is critical. I tend to troll at about 1.9-2.2 mph and "jig" the fly as you troll. Be ready, they usually hit the fly as it "rests".

Good luck.
Thanks for the trolling tips...

Many thanks DY.

Welcome to "Orygone". :D I'm a sixth gener Oregonian myself.

I've had a LOT of success over time, dragging Wooley Buggers (mostly Black or Dark Green). I use a spinning rod n' reel (bad shoulder, so can't fly fish). And I either use a bobber and single BB size split shot, or no bobber and a sliding sinker to drop it down.

Trolling speed? Dude, I can't agree with you more. RARELY do any of my friends comprehend that SLOWER is BETTER! And traveling in a "S" curve pattern also results in more fish in the hopper. Slower speeds are even MORE essential, when the water is cold and the fish are sluggish.

Thanks again. Perhaps we'll see you hauling some in...during the opener.



P.S. I'll try some of your fly suggestions too, they sound quite productive. And, afterall, I'm also out there to **** off the fish! :)
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i caught allot of trout using the silver and black rapala #7 sinking.. i did not use any trolling units, just the rapala, one other person you can contact about the boats is the washington county sheriff and ask them questions since they are there by the boat, they check everyone out by the boats
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troutdude said:
Does anyone have any information (who to call, contact numbers, etc), for the boat rentals available at Henry Hagg Lake? Any help is greatly appreciated. I've never fished there before, but am planning to go in early March. Thanks.
don't put your expectations to high for those boats at hagg, small and have just a elec. motor
The Nothing
I rented a couple times last year. They're plastic bath tubs with 30a trolling motors. Batteries are so abused you're lucky to get 4 hours out of them.

The rentals are NOT done by the parks department. Its a guy that doesn't speak english all that well, and doesn't pay much attention to the time either. I wouldn't expect to be able to get one of the boats that early in the season, or any time before 10am.


i had to call a few times before he answered. not called in a year, so dunno if it still works or not, but it should if dude is running a business. All day is $60 (more expensive than renting a kayak or canoe from REI or Alder Creek)
Thanks for all of the boating advice guys!

It doesn't sound like nearly what I was hoping for, in the way of rental.

I was just thinking yesterday, that I'll look into putting a tow bar n' hitch on my honda civic. If it has enough towing capacity, I can always borrow my bro-in-law's 14-foot aluminum boat. Then, I won't have to rent at all--just take him with me and provide a half-rack! :dance:
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that is a good idea.... those boats are pathetic to say the least
That was a long time ago and yes those things were TOTALLY ABSOLUTE JOKE! I rented one ONCE. And ONLY ONCE!
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