Bite Off... or on?

Hey all,

I fished Dodge Park area on Friday and the bite was way off! I was there from 6:15a-4:00p and I was the only one who landed a fish (that I saw). And that was only because I had foul hooked it in the tail with a spinner which was odd. It was a good fight, landed and released it but that was it. Fish were rolling but not biting (I'm sure some people got into fish somewhere on the river but...) People that I talked with said it was pretty bleak on Thursday too.

So, how was it this weekend? I wasn't able to get out but I'm really curious if the "bite" ever came on for people this Sat/Sun.
Wasn't to bad this weekend all in all brought home 5 myself.
bigdog said:
Wasn't to bad this weekend all in all brought home 5 myself.

Yeah, I saw that right after I posted. Nice! Good to hear there was action but not surprised you found it.
its the same old story on sunday at oxbow. Fish were rolling but saw 1 caught... WTF !!! Its must be the warm water and or i just can fish worth sh@t !!!
Got one keeper at Saturday Oxbow, one foul-hook, and one get off. TonyLovePDX was with me and had one get away as we were landing him.

Just keep trying, and try something different when that doesn't work. Pay no attention to the people not catching fish other that to see what not to be doing :)

We had a selection of colors out and kept switching until we found what was working (red).
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You guys seeemd to have more luck than we did. GMR and myself tried oxbow Saturday night and Sunday morning. Tried several different holes, but got nothing. Only saw 1 guy get a fish on, and he lost it.

Ah well. I seem to have better luck on the Wilson.
CC was pretty hot n heavy last week. Limited all three days I went (tue,wed,thu) but river was dropping and the bite dropped too.. All those fish that were seen around oxbow and dodge the weekend before last are up at cedar creek. Hopefully this little shot of rain were getting this weekend will put more fish on the bite and flush more fish downriver around the mouth, up high.
I was out there for a bit yesterday and the water was really low and clear. I was throwing lures and in hindsight, thinking I should have drifted. Saw one guy walk out with one and another guy land one, both drifting. I caught a sucker fish and didn't loose any lures so it wasn't all bad. :rolleyes:
Beaverfan and I hit the sandy for most of the day yesterday.
Got to Oxbow early and did some exploring. Landed a 30-35lb Native Nook (My first landed fish on that river!)
and with a little help from Beaverfan we got the hook out and released it safely.
He hooked into a coho but it threw the hook.
Later we headed to Cedar Creek and saw 1-2 get caught Correctly..
Was fairly annoyed at the amount of "Flossing" happening there.. Really bugs me..

But Cedar creek wasn't a total loss!
I got snagged in one of the Holes above Slaughter hole. While trying to work it free I saw my lure come above the water.
It was attached to another line, I walked out there and grabbed it with my hand and pulled.
And got some more tackle, and it kept coming.
After about 5 minutes of tugging it up I ended up with a ball of scaryness.
But after some cutting, ended up with 14 Spinners, 2 lures and a Pile of Corkys.

And! I got to do some extra testing on my waders.. They dont leak, They hold water in them just fine!
I was at Dodge on Sunday morning and no one was catching or getting any bites. One person was drifting with 5-6 ft leader and corkie and managed to "snag" one.:mad:
It took me 10hrs of hiking and wading to find some nonpressured holes above and below Cedar, Dodge, and Oxbow to find fish that actually would bite. You really have to wade away from the guys using 6 to 12' leaders and whoosh whoosh sounds of snagging fish all damn day to get something to bite. Just get away from those people and you will find biters. I ended up with 8 the 3 days I went out but I also hiked and waded more than 20 miles in those 3 days just to get away from people. But it is worth it when you find them. Bigdog gave me the advice on that months ago and it works. Just get away from them and find the biters. But I also foul hooked a few fish with spinners and Corky and yarn. only using a 4' leader. I also lost a lot due to missing bites on my Bobber rod and loosing them. I am headed back out tomorrow for another round.

I'm going to head to the Sandy tomorrow morning as well. If you want a hiking buddy let me know, I've only been to Oxbow once.
Sounds like there will be a few of us around.
I will be out there too

I will be out there too

Fishing the hole in the am! Can't wait to toss some metal out there, went 1 for 1 last time out.
How did everybody do....
Nadda for me.. I fished damn near the entire river. didn't see any others caught but I did see some on the bank at Cedar

I did not get out today! I am heading for Tillamook Tomorrow! The rain should bring them in!
Bite was 'ON' for me today. Results in Steelhead section. :)
Was slow but manage to bring one home today.
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