Bass boats safe on the Columbia river?

I have a 15ft smoker-craft alaskan that i use to fish salmon and sturgeon on the Columbia river. the boat seems to be perfect for any types of conditions and ships going by. I am selling my boat and interested in purchasing a Bass Boat with a very low profile. does anyone know or have used a bass boat on the Columbia river and is it safe to fish for salmon and sturgeon. (Lower Columbia buoy 33 area)
ya they do it all the time just get a reliable powerful one.
Just use common sense with conditions, if it's white capping with some big waves and 40-50mph winds, perhaps staying on land is a better option, otherwise, the columbia isn't that bad, it's just big.
thanks you! i will keep that in mind :)
just remember bass boats are low profile and will take water over the side if the water gets bad. plan on using your bilge pump a lot!!! i would stick with the 15 smoker
Swamp Puppy
My buddy uses an 18ft Lowe for duck hunting that is basically a stripped down bass boat hull. (has a livewell etc.) it does ok on the lower C in most conditions, even loaded down with a ton of duck hunting stuff. It does get sketchy sometimes in rough water though and you don't go anywhere fast when the rolls start coming on strong. Realistically though, as long as you keep an eye on the conditions and use some common sense you should be fine.
I run a 12' aluminum so i bet you will be better off than me.
I'm amazed at the small size of some of the boats I've seen pulling out in St. Helens and Scapoose. You should be fine with a bass boat like you've described. My buddy's dad has one and uses it everywhere. I'll take a bass boat over a dingy on the Columbia any day...
I too fish a 15' Klamath 'Bay' boat...
Tongue Point to Scappoose for Salmon, Sturgeon and Warm Water Gamefish...
she's deep boat with higher bow...
under the right conditions, a lower profile Bass boat should work fine...
like others, I recommend a good power plant, watch out for sheep and those 'deep drafts' kicking up the surf!

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