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hey i was wondering if this is a good spot to fish at with nightcrawlers....im trying to find nice fishing at this time around this area as well...i only do bank fishing btw
If you don't plan on keeping what you catch the slough isn't bad fishing at all, I've caught catfish just about any time of day as well as at night, I've caught a few bluegill and a yellow perch but most of the bites are cats, I've seen some carp, but never caught one. All I've ever used are night crawlers. Bank access can be tricky, the slough is lined with a lot of brush, I hope to get a Kayak next spring and get to some of the better spots, but for bank fishing under the I-205 bridge is pretty accessible. There's a path that runs (interrupted) from blue lake to somewhere past the airport, there are a few spots you can get close enough to cast along that path.

Standard disclaimer is that you need to read and understand the ODFW warnings before eating fish from the Columbia Slough. They're not the healthiest fish in the valley to be eating.


hmm do you know what kind of bait i should use?? cuzz since its warm water type of fishes i ussually just use works =s..no jigs or soft plastic or lures for thoese fishess other then crappie


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Anywhere in the slough theres good fishing. Maybe not now but in Spring. Starting in March the bite will be crazy.
Those fish in the summer dont just dissapear or hybernate for the winter...Just have to be a little more persistent. Worms, corn, bread, chicken liver, and a few other things have worked for me on the slough. Some of my most epic warmwater fishing trips have been to the nasty ol slough.


hmm....what kind of fishes do you catch from chicken livers?? i never really use chicken liver as a bait =s...and mind telling me some of you scret spots :p...i dont drive yet soooo i can jsut take my bike around fishing out spots =s


=D hmm i gota try out these baits ty for the help guys =3! btw does any one plan on coming here during spring??o.0 i might see you guys :p ....and what kind of reel and rod use i use=s i got this 4-5 foot long uhgly stick with a spinner reel(not sure what it is) would that be good enough for the clumbia slough or should i bring my casting reel and my 8 ft and 6 in. pole ??XD
If you want a better quality experience go to the Smith and Bybee lakes area.
It's just a better area than the slough.....it is very close to the mouth of the slough however.
There is a well marked access point on the road to Terminal 6.
Google it. Don't eat the fish, though.

Used to hunt ducks back in there.....
Good place for a canoe or small boat.
There is a slough that we used to call "Little Slough" that connects Smith to Bybee. In summer when the canopy is in full bloom, it looks like Louisiana bayou country :)
Crappie, LM bass and tons of carp. One spring I was there when the carp were spawning.....never saw so many carp in my life.

Many fun times in there, but it's closed to firearms now. The new Wapato Prison is built right on my favorite duck blind :(
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=D very well then i shal use my ugly stick =3...i think i already have thr worms already =D thank you very much guys/girls(if any girls did response to this thread)
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