Anyone been hittin up the upper sandy for springers?

I just jojned just seeing if anyone has been having any luck above or around cedar
a lot have been pulled out around Dodge (up and down river) they are there..
Welcome to OFF.

Where are Cedar and Dodge?
Welcome to OFF Hawghunter.

Dodge and Cedar are up higher on the sandy best way to find them would to do a google search.
OK Thanks. I used to live in East Gresham and spent some time in Sandy. I'll have to look them up.
Dodge and Cedar are good 'areas'.. but lots of just as good or better holes up and down river of both without the crowd that each attract... remember you can use the river under high water mark.. that line is very high on the Sandy, you can basicly park at the parks and walk the river bank everywhere.. I would suggest using google maps and find a good hole.. drive around and nicely ask the home owner if they mind if you fish the spot and promise to pickup any gargbage(yours or others) you find and a 6 pack of beer can get you along way.. you might just make a new friend with a almost privite fishing hole.. worst they can say is "no" and you can move on.. most are fisherpeople and will be freindly and let you.. ;)
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