Advice for camping on McKenzie


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Hello OFFers,

Would someone be so kind to recommend, via PM or post, a basic campground on the McKenzie River that has good access to the river for catch-and-release fly fishing for trout? It would be for a weekend in mid-September, hopefully there are spots available.

Thank you very much in advance.


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The best I can do for you, since I've never been to that area, is recommend . You will find a listing of lakes and rivers with parks in the area. They include important info like whether or not you will have a restroom or need to resort to something more primitive. :whistle: Let us know where you end up at and how you do. Pictures are always nice...:D


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Offical camp grounds...

Offical camp grounds...

The only real camp spots I know of are up the river near McKenzie Bridge, two very nice campgrounds and plenty of river to try your luck.
Best of luck and tight lines...



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There are quite a few up river with Paradise being the most beautiful, it has some amazing scenery on the McKenzie trail! Well worth it, the fishing is a little tougher up there and the water is pretty fast around the campground, then again its so low this year it may not be. Haven't been up there in a couple of years, I prefer the campgrounds near Oakridge on the middle fork Willamette - great fishing! McKenzie bridge is another good one like Chuck said, probably better for fishing and closer to Eug. The Register Guard has a Discovery section that lists them all, not sure if you can get your hands on one or if its online. Good luck and have fun!


Closest campgrounds I can think of are blue river res. or cougar. past that you have to go past McKenzie Bridge.


Anyone know what kind of laws would keep people from being able to camp on the islands? I know you arent allowed to have a fire within a certain distance of the water which would put you on someones property, but what kind of laws keep us from camping on the islands!?