10-23 raining at Leaburg

So Jacob and me launch at 8:00-it was raining.
We trolled upstream-in the rain.
We trolled downstream-in the rain.
We trolled upstream again-in the rain.
We went up to Good Pasture Bridge-in the rain.
We trolled back downstream to the dam-in the rain
We caught no fish-in the rain.

Did I mention that it was a raining day?

We did get a few hits-fish was biting very light-just one hit at our bait and was all they would do.
We tried trolling with worms,wedding rings,wedding rings with worms,with silver flasher,ford fender,gold spoon-no keepers.

No wind which was cool but man did it ever rain.
Leaburag in the rain...

Leaburag in the rain...

That lake is so cool, and so close. Every day has its moments, you were just not holding your mouth right. The fact of the matter is you were on the water, which is more than I can say. tight lines.

Thanks Chuck,

We still have a good time-top was up on the boat,we had rain gear and good coffee.
Fishing with a good friend or with good people that will soon be friends is what makes a great day.

I do love hooking a fish though.

Now that we are getting our fall rain and cooler nights I going to start hitting Dexter,Fall Creek and Lookout. I thinking fishing should start getting hot in those lakes again.

I already planning for SNOW TROLLING--bring on the big ones!!!:D
Next time you go snow trolling i want to troll out there with you. just maybe not dexter.
I don't fish Dexter when the water is warm.
But winter fishing in Dexter is great.

Water temp in Dexter is ever thing.
Warm water-fish is mushy,water is foul,slime sticks to the boat and trailer.

Cold water-Fish is firm.water is clean,no slime on the boat and trailer.

But when I hit Fall Creek and Lookout I be glad to give you a pm.:)
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