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  1. dschmunis

    Trout fishing on the Wilson River?

    Hi all, I'm new to the state and new to the forum. I'm starting to explore my surrounding areas (I live in Hillsboro) and looking for fishing opportunities. I know that the Wilson river is not too far from my place and was thinking about heading down on Saturday to explore a bit. So, wondering...
  2. F

    Wilson River steelhead won't bite >:(

    I fished all day at the Wilson River at the hole by jones creek about 13 steelhead only one bite. I used power bait steelhead plastic worms, all types of lures and other then one bite on a little Cleo they would not bite. We would present our lures right in front of their faces and they would...
  3. I

    Wilson River steelhead fishing

    decided to go to the Wilson this weekend. Anybody have recommended spots on the river? Or just drive and find them?
  4. K

    Roland Martin catching a Wilson River winter steelhead casting a plug

    Mr. Roland Martin himself, in the pacific northwest catching a steelhead while casting a plug, how ironic, or should I say iconic. :thumb: Got himself a dandy with Big Dave. Just thought I would share. cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qhPW5gvZBI
  5. Hooked Up

    Open seat 2/9/16 Wilson River

    Float from Mills bridge to Sollie Smith bridge with EOBOY & Hooked Up.
  6. Y

    Wilson River

    Gonna take my Pops out fishing on the Wilson River this Saturday, Haven't been out since Springer fishing. Anyone have any tips on fishing this river right now? Are the fish in? Has the rain washed the river out? whats working?:thumb: Anything would help. Thanks and best of luck out there!!
  7. B

    Leaves/debris in the water questions + Wilson River 11/4/15 Report

    Here’s a report from bank fishing the Wilson on Wednesday followed by some questions about leaves/debris in the water re: salmon fishing. If you don’t care about the report skip ahead to the leaves/debris section, I want to hear your thoughts! 11/4/15 Report Fished from the bank near...
  8. B

    Bank fishing Wilson River 10/27/15 report

    Partially in response to another thread wondering where all the reports are... ..hit the Wilson on Tuesday, first time this Fall. Was experimenting with spoon fishing in tidewater (from the bank) thinking that I might be able to get a better, "slow wobble" presentation at this particular spot...
  9. C

    Wilson/Trask River steelies and springers

    Hey guys hopefully some of you knowledgeable folk will offer me some insight. What is the setup used for the trask/wilson river? Just your basic bobber/float drift fishing setup? I have been struggling this year(and last year) to hook into any fish. Also, I am new to the area originally from...
  10. C

    Rivers Wilson River Fishing Reports

    I'm happy to have finally cleared the month and a half long skunk session today on the Wilson River. Not the biggest or brightest, but it's a steelhead. Maribou nightmare jig under a float above Smith homestead.
  11. B

    Wilson River report 1/7 & some thoughts

    Well the conditions looked good yesterday, air temp going to be mid 40s and water level around 5.7 and dropping, but I got skunked...hard. Split the day in half, morning I was pretty far low (around 'guard rail hole' area) and afternoon pretty far up (mile 17-19) and was out trying a range of...
  12. A

    Wilson River fishing reports

    Im thinking about heading to the Wilson next week for salmon and trout and I'm wondering how its doing right now?? Any good reports for the salmon there right now? Also, what are the best cutthroat spots and flies on the Wilson, or some general locations. What has been working well for the...
  13. C

    Wilson River rookie!

    I'm new to steelhead fishing and would really love to get out and walk the Wilson river in hopes of catching sine winter steelhead. My problem is that I have no idea where I can access the river to bank fish. I'm not looking fir any ones secret honey holes, just an idea of where I can park abd...
  14. F

    Wilson River help

    Not much experience with summers... Not really sure what to use. I went all day fishing my normal bobber and jig that I would use during the winter but the confidence isn't there like it is with winter fish. Wondering if I should float a sand shrimp or throw dark spinners like I've been hearing.
  15. M

    Wilson River noob report.

    Ok, the Noob I'm talkin' bout is me.... I'm new to this kind of fishing but I've done a lot of homework and asked a lot of questions, so I feel comfortable sharing this kinda late report. I went to the Mills Bridge Launch to try my luck on the Wilson on Wednesday 1-15-14, after talking to some of...
  16. J

    Wilson River Report 01-08-2014

    Hello fellow members, went out on the wilson last weekend when the water was still low and clear, worked the upper river all day and managed one hatchery hen. We released her because it looked like it still had a fin. Or it had been cut wrong. Oh well better safe than sorry. Anyhow looking to...
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