Wilson River rookie!

I'm new to steelhead fishing and would really love to get out and walk the Wilson river in hopes of catching sine winter steelhead. My problem is that I have no idea where I can access the river to bank fish. I'm not looking fir any ones secret honey holes, just an idea of where I can park abd start to explore the river. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome aboard c_m! Try mile marker 19 at the park walk across the trail behind the honey buckets and work south of that. Any of the turn-outs along the river has trails leading to the river. Go explore and ask questions. Also a wilson river map on this four is somewere listed. It may have been erased along with other useful info. Ask more questions. Tony


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Posted this also in the Wilson Conditions thread:

From mile 27 or so, to mile 12 on Hwy. 6 is loaded with spots/pullouts. There are also a few between mile 12 and 5, but they become scarcer. When the winters start showing, pick any one. If there are a bunch of people, merely walking an 1/8 mile in either direction will almost undoubtedly have water that whispers 'fish' to you...odds are, you would be correct :)
Thank you guys very much! I'm in Alaska right now and will be home on the third, hopefully in the the weeks I an home I can find my first steelhead!


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You're in Alaska and you're asking about fishing Oregon?
Plus nov iss a tad early for steel but prime for nooks.