Bank fishing Wilson River 10/27/15 report


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Partially in response to another thread wondering where all the reports are...

..hit the Wilson on Tuesday, first time this Fall. Was experimenting with spoon fishing in tidewater (from the bank) thinking that I might be able to get a better, "slow wobble" presentation at this particular spot than with a spinner. paid off!

Landed this short but chunky nook buck on a 1/2 oz orange/silver spoon. He put up an epic fight, and it was all I could do to net him. The tide had just turned after low slack and the river was just below 4', air temp about 45F. The Wilson had just spiked from about 3.1 to 4.4' if I remember correctly, and was on its way down so thought there'd be some fish coming up.

The two boats fishing above me both hooked up within the same 5-7 minute time period as me (one hooking up simultaneously), then no action for anyone else in that area the rest of the day (left by 10:30 AM) I'm thinking that there was a big pulse of fish as the tide started coming in, then not much else.

As I was chopping up the fish, I looked down in the sink and saw this sight, and thought, how beautiful:

It's officially Fall for's to first rains, and first chinooks!



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Alrighty then! Nice shiny buck. Love the fresh nooks in Tillamook tidewater. A couple of my fishing buds were there Tuesday morning in a boat and managed a couple early. Thanks for the report. I'm going to hit it tomorrow morning hopefully to get one or two of those shiny nooks.

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