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    Mytrle State Park Umpqua River

    New to fishing umpqua river. I'm bank fisherman planning on Sawyer rapids area. Was wondering for sure how much bank access is their at myrtle state park. By looking on google looks like some access. Just was looking for some more advise.
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    Rivers Umpqua River Fishing Reports

    splashed the drift boat at Sawyer's rapids at 10:30. Done by 1:30 with at least 50 to the boat Kept 2 for some pickling, the rest went back. Mostly small males, but we had a few good size hens Below the rapids .green and pink were the colors,. HAVE FUN!
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    Umpqua River bite!!!

    Limit by 10:00 this morning below Sawyers off the pontoon bumping roe. Way fun:yikes:
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    Umpqua River in Elkton

    i got invited at the last minute to go fishing with a friend from eugene last sunday. we went to elkton & fished for small mouth bass & something he called "pumpkin seeds" that looked like brightly colored perch type fish. had a nice time, i cought about 20 fish total (all released) & when it...
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    Umpqua River

    I was panning a weekend down in Elkton , I have been trying to do research on the Umpqua for water levels , a good height or discharge to fish it. Everything I keep reading says when the surrounding rivers are low and clear then the Umpqua is perfect. I live roughly 100 miles North of there so...
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    North Umpqua River, Swiftwater Park

    Hi all, It's been a while (4 month!) that I've not gone anywhere for fishing. The coming weekend we're planing to stay close to swiftwater park (east of Glide). I'll have a couple fishing enthusiast with me and I have to catch something! We'll be going after trout (because that's easier!). I...
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    Umpqua River pontoon float

    Just got back from a four day float. Had a grand time with GraphiteZen. Put this little video together of me doing the two trickiest spots on the float we do. First clip is what we call The First Drop, second clip is Smith Ferry Rapids. The section we float is called The Big K Loop. It can be...
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    North Umpqua river levels for steel?

    Anybody know what the gauge at Winchester reads when the fishing's good at Amacher? Thanks, If it's a secret (that you can share) just pm me.
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    Umpqua River straight

    We had the opportunity to have three pairs, but had a netting blunder...We also got 4 jacks. Had a pretty darn good Sunday.
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    Umpqua River Shad

    Hello everyone. This is my first posting on this forum. i do know this topic has been discussed before but it seemed to me it was some time ago. i am very new to the area and also very new to shad fishing. as a matter of fact this wed/ thurs, will be my first experiance fishing for them. i...
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    In river mining lower Umpqua

    What's everyone's take about mining gravel in the river channel? Army Corps of Engn. getting ready to give the permit.
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    Video N. Umpqua colliding rivers

    This is much better if you are there! 7Cx7lLdbFso BFF
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    North Umpqua River

    Fished the North below Rock creek today. Hooked three and landed this 27" fish on a blue Blue Fox spinner. Also saw two guys on the trail with four fish before 8 AM. Beautiful day, sunny and 80, with fish biting. :cool:
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    Umpqua River

    Hey I am new to the site but wanted to say hello We have been doing pretty well on the Main Umpua but most fish have been native. We have several videos on you tube from fishin the Umpqua if you have time take a look search talkfishin on youtube. Also wanted to let people know my 3 year old got...
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    Umpqua River

    New to Or. just arrived at Roseburg last night. I see the Umpqua Rv. outside and wondered if anyone could save me a little time by giving some advise on where to start fishing for Steelhead?
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