john day river

  1. Fishwhisperer44

    The John Day River produced some giants last year

    I got the opportunity to fish with legendary guide, steve Fleming a few times last year on the John day river. The river did not disappoint!
  2. Irishrover

    Rivers John Day River Fishing Reports

    Spent part of the day with the fly rod on the John Day River at Cottonwood Canyon fishing for small mouth. Got luck with the weather, very light wind and plenty of sunshine. Prince nymphs and soft hackels worked well, wooly buggers not so good. Next trip I'll get some pictures. It was a...
  3. plumbertom

    Back from my excursion to the John Day River.

    I drove there Monday and launched the boat to go up river to Philipi Park, a boat in only park and campground. I got set up in the park with my tent and other limited camp gear. Now before I went, I attempted to find out about fees for camp use. Nowhere can I find that information. Now I know...
  4. C

    John Day River, spearfishing!

    Okay so I'm going camping on 4th of july to le page park near the mouth of john day river and I have a couple questions regarding spearfishing. 1. Can I shoot gamefish like walleye bass ect. Because I'm mostly targeting carp but would like some tasty walleye . 2. What kind of gear would I need...
  5. EOBOY

    John Day River!

    Got this today from the oregon guide news letter. According to Steve Fleming of Mah-Haw Outfitters (971-533-5733), one client caught several smallmouth bass to 19 inches as well as three steelhead this week on the John Day River. I've always heard March was the best time for big bass on...
  6. 1

    Need info on John Day River

    Heading to the john day near fossil and have never been- anyone have any advice on good pontoon floats? Only going to have one day to fish so I would kinda prefer not to go in blind! I hear the smallie fishing is even better than the umpqua......
  7. L

    John Day River

    Does anyone know where the best place to fish for bass on the John Day River? I have heard that where the river runs into the Columbia and the northern part of the river are good, but i have never been to the John Day before.
  8. R

    John Day River

    Just wondering if anybody's fished the John Day lately that would be willing to give an update. Going there tomorrow to give it a shot. Thanks.
  9. R

    John Day River trip

    Still trying to organize a trip. Between the weather and conflicting schedules, I've not been able to make it happen yet. But not for lack of interest or effort on my part. Gimme a holler and let's make it happen.
  10. L

    John Day River

    Hello, just wanted to know if the John Day was good for bass fishing. Going to head out there sometime soon thanks
  11. C

    John Day river

    I'am heading to La Page park on the John Day next weekend and was wondering how the fishing for smallies and cats have been? What are the baits of choice? Senko,grubs or plugs? Thank you so much for the tips
  12. J

    John Day River Steelhead

    Hey all, I'm looking for information on John Day River Steelhead. The regs has the season between June 16th and March 31st. Anybody have any ideas when a "good" time of year is and where the fish are? thanks in advance.
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