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  • Hi 1 Nut in the water. I really want to sell as a group so I don’t have left overs at the end. I would let them all go to you for $20.00 if that helps, and i will throw in 2 of my home made Salmon lures to boot. Trying make this work for both of us. Thanks Dan U. Qwapaw@aol.com.
    HI, sorry Troutdude snapped it right up when I posted it. Been fight the computer try to get back too you. Thanks again, Dan
    Thanks for the offer but I need a lefty! Looks like a sweet reel wish it was of use to me. You should have no trouble selling it as I see they sell for about that same price of $60 on ebay in excellent condition.
    Hey I see you are in Eugene, I am out in Alvadore- always looking for new fishing friends and have been hitting the slaw and going to hit it harder as the weather improves..


    Are you interested in the reel I offered? I will list it elsewhere if not. If you are e-mail or message me. Thanks, best of luck and tight lines.
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