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    Rivers Crooked River Fishing Reports

    I spent the whole past three days fishing the Crooked River below the dam. Lots of trout hanging deep in pools and hiding behind rocks. I accidentally hooked into a small steelhead, but after playing him for a while to try to bring him in on my little trout rod, he swam into the shallows, rolled...
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    Prineville and the Crooked River on 11th and 12th March

    Hey there folks, I've been pretty much gone for last 8-9 months, it's been a bit rough on the fishing time since my second one was born last summer. However, hoping to make up for the lost time this year. I've got a cabin booked in Prineville state park next weekend, a buddy of mine has another...
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    Crooked River fly fishing vid

    The video of our trip to the Crooked that I posted a report of about a week ago...Tell me your thoughts, like, comment, and subscribe! Thx
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    Crooked River report

    So...Headed out to the Crooked for a couple days this weekend! The fishing is really doing well right now, dries are working ok but indicators/scuds are the biggest producers. Fished a few miles below Bowman most of the time, fishing was decent in the morning, lost a couple fish, then from 11...
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    Crooked River @ Bowman Dam - Sunday AM

    A few pics of my morning. Irrigation season is drawing to a close here in Central Oregon so the rivers are loooooowwwwwww. Pink mini-rooster tail caught two. And yellow/white 'raised' a few more. I'm going to try a different way to post the photos so that they are bigger. (ok...
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    Crooked River and eventual redemption

    Jeanna and I hung out at the Crooked for a couple days. Jeanna arrived on Wednesday and proceeded to get into fish...I arrived early on Thursday and set up camp. Jeanna sooo out fished me! She did great! We fished a few places, mainly right at camp cuz it is good water. We went to one place and...
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    Crooked River rainbows!!!!!

    I went up to the crooked river 2 days in a row , landed 10 fish out of around 16 hooked into .... all on 18 blk bh gold ribbed hares ears nymphs. The biggest one i got was a 18" rainbow which hit that nymph like a frieght train!!! Some really nice 10-14" as well . will post pics soon...
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    Crooked River & Ochoco Creek

    Took my son out to the crooked River last night and grabbed a campsite at Chimney Rock. Up at 6:30am for some time on the early water:D There's a crazy caddis hatch on right now, and I guess the fish are stuffed, because we only managed a few bows and a few white fish. :( Around noon we broke...
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    Some more Crooked River action!!!

    Heres some whitefish i caught last night up by the damn. These were caught with worms as it was way to windy to fly fish. Still a lot of fun!!!!:D
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    Crooked River trip

    so we got to the crooked river early friday and started fishing,,,caught three fish from the get go,,,then it was dead for the day til the sun started to set and i casted out my stimulator and started to strip it in cause i thought i had moss on it,,,,,i started peeling it off and it wasn't moss...
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    Crooked River Revisited

    I have just returned from a tremendously awesome fishing trip on the Crooked River and had it not been for Markcanby I would not have gone at all. Early last week I get a call from him suggesting the idea and Friday late afternoon we were on our way. Arriving at the river around 7:00 under clear...
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    Crooked River rainbows

    just got back from campin on the crooked and what a gorgeous place to fish and relax...Lilsalmon wanted to learn to fly fish so i showed her a few basics,,,and off she was...2 rainbows back to back,,,her first time fly fishing,,,,i didn't get any hookups for a good hour..then 5oclock rolled...
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    Crooked River Fishing

    My buddies and I are going to fish the Crooked River and I'm wondering if anyone has any info on it? I've been asking around quite a bit and have gathered quite a bit of info but this forum usually does pretty well generating good info so I thought I would ask. Let me know. Thanks, Troy
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