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  • No fishing, just resting from 12-straight days working 13hr shifts. The wife and I went for a long drive today and enjoyed the sunshine.
    So I'm going crazy looking at river levels and trying to figure out what's fishable/what's open etc. Looks like the sections on the Mckenzie that would be fishable are closed until the 28th, which by the way, we should hit the SF Mckenzie this spring/summer...it's on my bucket list. So I'm thinking one of two things, Little Fall Creek (I haven't been up there since I was a kid and really don't even remember how to get there lol) or the North Middle Fork Willamette, which by river guage status looks like it might be okay, because it's not influenced by the 20 dams up there that have the flood gates open all the way right now. So. Yeah. There's that. Let me know if you have any ideas....I'm idea-d out I think. Also is it just me and you or are dave and whats his face going? if it's just me and you....Leaburg down in my boat would be doable. I think. I'll have to double check that.
    thats good to hear im doing okay too. i started online diploma classes the other day and im going to be making some money starting next month.
    Wow, that is crazy! Isn't it supposed to open in the next day or so? I know you can handle it, but management should be more on the ball than that. Sheesh!
    ive only fished once in the past few weeks..going nuts here!! we are headed out monday though..i know the rains my fault. sorry LOL.
    rose!! come fish with us next week! the conditions are suppose to be perfect, this may be the best week for winter steelhead fishing for the season. plus i can give you and dave your presents..
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